Choosing Drupal vs Joomla for Education Enlightenment

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It’s said, ‘Live a century – learn a century’. What could be more of vital importance nowadays? With the rapid develop of web technologies, the leading lights of education at the universities and high schools should investigate the baseline of modern utilities on daily basis. Aiming to graduate the masters of their crafts, it’s essential to provide the students with all the sources and effective learning curve. That’s why, now while discovering the horizons of software development, it’s important to choose the CMS software that will allow you to apply the disciplines to gain the pinnacle of your career success.

Currently, there is a lot of posts and threads that narrow the choice of CMS platforms down to Joomla and Drupal as the web platforms for students assignments. But, which one is the only solution for gaining experience?

3 Must-Have Requirements of CMS to Become a Pro

Before making a final verdict whether to choose Drupal or Joomla for educational institution, let’s make a set of the most important features of CMS that will motivate students to study carefully and enthusiastically.

1. Open Source Matters

3_cms_requirementsWell, the noughties has become like the Enlightenment after the long time of Dark Ages. With the launch of open source CMS platforms, many are able to work with free open code, modify and use it.

Of course both Drupal and Joomla are absolutely open source systems. However, in addition to this Drupal is not only a CMS platform, but content management framework, which means that you may create your own applications, using Drupal core. There are strict rules of creating apps at Drupal documentation section, so it’s simple to contribute to its community.

Additionally, there’s Joomla Framework that also provides users with the facility to expand their sites opportunities.

2. IDE Support: Know It Inside Out

One more must-have feature of perfect educational equipment is the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It’s a software application that consists of a source code editor, build automation tools, and a debugger. IDE application allows students to have their own installations while working laptop. There are various of them both for free and on paying basis.

IDEs support Drupal as well as Joomla. Also it requires the appropriate plugins to be installed previously.

3. MVC is the Ultimate Front-End Development

mvc_joomla_vs_drupalMVC stands for Model, View, and Controller that is the pattern serving as the basis for Joomla and Drupal software platforms. It allows developers to concentrate on the front-end representation of the website, like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. So, generally, Model notifies when there is adopted some changes to the site, also it is responsible for database updates. In terms of Drupal, Model may cover such modules as node.module, CCK, taxonomy.module, and others third party modules. Then, Controller interprets users data, modifies models in order to represent it to the View. For instance, it can be path.module at Drupal, menu system, hooks, index.php file, etc. At the same time, View part of MVC pattern is responsible for model presentation to the site user.

At the end, MVC creates the user friendly surrounding for web developers to make the website attractive and working correctly.

Ultimately, you see that both Joomla and Drupal are those educational equipments that will build the atmosphere of unlimited web development opportunities and the perspective of professional grows.

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