Why Choose Joomla Over WordPress?

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The debate about the pros and cons of Joomla vs WordPress has raged for too long. Because both stand equal in popularity and efficiency, making the right decision between them is not a one-click affair at all. The article aims to outline the reasons why Joomla is often considered to be superior to WordPress.

Joomla and WordPress are 2 most widely used CMS platforms today, so the question of many users’ minds is – are they the same and does it just come down to personal preference or are there actual important reasons for choosing one over the other? To be honest, both are all incredible and mature systems that make building a website quick and easy, no matter how little one knows about computers and technology. For the majority of users, WordPress is the easier system to use and provides the ability to do more without huge time and money investments. Joomla has come a longer way and though is a bit difficult to master it – with its complexity comes much more versatility.

For those unaware, there are 3 important aspects to consider when choosing the right-your-size CMS solution  – backend organization, themes/templates and plugins/extensions. Let us have a look at how WordPress and Joomla compare to each other in those aspects.

Backend Organization

WordPress backend allows its users to easily add new articles and pages, but the fact that it lacks any real organization make some users think twice before choosing WordPress. It’s not an easy task to choose on which certain page you want a certain plugin to install or article to appear, and it requires hassle and programming to just add a new menu. Joomla’s organizational superiority, on the other hand, can be seen from the first glance. Its articles are categorized by category, a new menu can easily be done from the backend and you can easily choose the certain page where you want your content to appear.

Themes and Templates

WordPress uses themes for the look and and feel of the website, whereas Joomla uses templates. In fact, there is no real difference in difficulty levels when it comes to developing custom templates/themes for either CMS software.  However, WordPress themes are generally designed with a specific purpose in mind – content curation/blogging. Joomla templates, alternatively, seem to be designed a lot more versatile. In a nutshell, WordPress is more for minimalistic design, whereas Joomla offers quite a lot of versatility and freedom when it comes to design.

Plugins and Extensions

What WordPress folks refer to as “plugins”, Joomla developers refer to as “extensions”. While there are 12,000+ plugins available to WordPress users, there are more than 9.500 extensions available for Joomla. Therefore, both  software are certainly not lacking in this aspect. However, most WordPress plugins are developed specifically for blog-type websites, whereas Joomla extensions have a much wider variety.

Final Thoughts

As a general rule of thumb, when you are building a site that relies heavily on content (something like a blog/content curation website or a news website) – WordPress should be high on your consideration list. For just about everything else (usually more complex sites)  – Joomla is far more advisable.

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