CMS Digest: Business Website “Must-haves”. Take Care About The Essential Things

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As you know, the internet is evolving with incredible speed. That means the business doesn’t work like it was a year ago! Even a few months old information can be useless at this moment. So when you have a chance – provide up-to-date information immediately! As a result, the business website has to be upgraded regularly. It’s your chance to beat the competitors and strengthen the market position. Here, you will find a few articles with important and useful information! Whether you are a beginner or your business is long-running already. 

Business trends 2020

Trends rules the business world for a long time right now. So, you obviously need to be aware of the business trends for 2020! What is still actual? Is the online sales percentage growing, or decreasing? What is about streaming wars? So many questions and so fewer answers. Luckily, Forbes is sharing this information with us!


Web design trends 2020

Speaking of trends – web design is critically important too! A short description of trends formation and the list of 2020 design trends. Check it out and make your website much more profitable as soon as possible! As for me, current trends are really beautiful! I would love to use all of them at the same time! 😍 (But it’s not a very good idea, actually 😅)


Small business website

The list of lifehacks for small businesses! Ten pieces of advice that can help you to break into the market with the new business or breathe the new life into your current one and to see it as strong as never before! Want to know more about personalized service, user reviews, the gig economy? ‘Stories’ are the future? The answer is YES! Dr. Brandt Skincare sales have increased by up to 500% because of Instagram stories! In case this amazes you – try it yourself!


Web pages

Okay, what about web pages? That is absolutely must-have checklist for the beginners, and for the experienced website owners as well –  make sure you have created all of them! Have you? Also, you’ll find the answers to the following questions: what to put on the homepage; do I need a company blog; what should I tell on the “about” page and many others.


Website redesign

Are you planning website redesign? Some of the 2020 trends have inspired you? It’s a great idea! But before you start, check ‘everything you should consider for the website redesign’ list. Maybe you already know all of this information, but even if you find 10% of information new for you, it could help you a lot! So don’t miss the chance to get a piece of new thoughts! 


That’s the end of February CMS Digest!

We hope you found all the information you need and 2020 will be incredibly successful for your business and its website as well! Have a good day!

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