Building and Hosting a Website: the Presupposed Expenses

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Website building and hosting costs may vary tremendously. The infographic created by Who Is Hosting This? exposes what prices to expect for different scopes of work required. So, how much will you have to pay for domain name, web hosting, design and development? Find out and see average starting prices to be ready for the facer.


What is not included into the infographic is the prices of website migrations. Honestly, there is no exact sum of money expected to be paid for such a service. Some online geeks promise to perform a simple website migration in a few hours and claim the price to be as low as $100.00. If your site is not simple, they will charge way more. And this will cost your time as well.

A better option could be online migration that would save both time and money. Automated services often cost less. aisite can help you do the work and leave the geeks waiting for someone else.

Maintaining a website might cost a pretty penny. Nevertheless, being aware of what the market prices are will always save you a dollar. And a dollar saved is two dollars earned.

P.S. Left with a strong desire to switch from your current CMS soltuion to another one? Give a try to aisite automated migration service and take your web project a step forward right now. 

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