Building A Big Blog. Top 5 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

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No one is perfect – therefore, making mistakes is ok and quite often unavoidable. Whether it’s real life or WordPress, mistakes happen everywhere. However, to become a successful blogger, it’s necessary to learn from mistakes and try to find out the solutions of the matters.

Blogging is one of the most valuable tools to say and be heard. If you’re not blogging, it’s time to get started in order to not get left behind. There’s no need in help required because within 10 to 15 minutes it’s possible to build a blog and start blogging. But, there are some general things that new bloggers tend to miss and don’t pay much attention to it. The following 5 blogging mistakes we are going to write about are mostly repeated or committed by the newbie bloggers and sometimes by professionals unknowingly. Therefore, today we will bring some light on what every blogger should avoid.

Ignoring Your Readers

A post with no comments is like that abandoned house down the end of the street. In case you are just starting to blog, it may take a few weeks before you get your first comment. Thus, when it happens, take your time to read your comments and respond them all. As soon as you start getting a steady reader base that leaves comments below your posts, do not discourage them by never answering back. Respond rapidly to make your reader happy.

Copying Content from Neighbor Site

The saying “Content is King” does ring true when it comes to blogging. However, in spite of that there are still many newbie bloggers who do this practice. Having a content that has already been published on neighbor site might harm your SEO effort or even destruct your success in blogging. Therefore, it’s much recommended to make a habit to write your own unique content and if required, take a look to other blogs for ideas and hints. Besides, don’t forget to check out content before publish – there are many ways to check whether the content is unique or plagiarized.

Sacrificing Looks For Content

While there are many bloggers who depend on content expanding their blog, there are some who had become obsessed with their blog design. That’s true – if your blog doesn’t have an appealing design, some visitors won’t be attracted to your website. However, using too many graphics or images will overcrowd your page and slow it down.

Selecting the Wrong Niche

The biggest disadvantage of selecting the wrong niche is to get very low searchers and very low cost per click. In this case, you won’t be able to deliver really valuable and worth reading content to your readers. The recommendation here is to choose niche in which you’re expert and have a great knowledge. If readers love your content, they will visit your blog more often and build a strong readership around it.

Not Doing SEO Correctly

If you are writing exclusively for robots – then you might be wasting human time, and that will definitely bore the boots off your readers. Don’t allow Google to turn you into a keyword-processing machine and kill your creativity. Make sure to write for your human audience first, and optimize for search engines later. To the contrary, don’t neglect to implement SEO on your blog, but remember doing it right. So, polish your SEO skills and make sure your optimization knowledge is up to date by reading articles or guides from qualified authors.

Final Thoughts

With all that being said, you should have the guts to face difficulties in the beginning of your blogging career. Being afraid of losing won’t help you get your destination point. Therefore, follow all above-mentioned steps avoid the current 5 blogging mistakes and get ready to take your blog a step forward towards success.

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