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With all the noise about social networks over the last several years, blogs still remain the backbone of online interactivity. Usually every new blogger create their website with either WordPress or Google’s Blogger and there is a huge competition between these two.

The easiest way to clarify the winner between Blogger and WordPress is to make a quick Google search. Despite the fact that Blogger platform has pretty good base of users, they find it hard to compete with over 70,000,000 sites powered by WordPress. So, what exactly makes millions of users gravitate towards WordPress?

Although Blogger is a good place to start blogging, if you plan on scaling your business or developing your own brand – you will certainly be disappointed with it possibilities. Lacking many important plugins that can improve the functionality of a web site and having limited design features make a Blogger website look like “me-too versions” of every other blog. One more nice-to-know feature about Blogger is that when you host your blog you don’t have a total control over it. Ultimately it belongs to Google and one wrong step can result in it being removed and with it your entire content.

What about WordPress? Here are few reasons why WordPress has leapfrogged ahead of Blogger and is currently considered the #1 choice when blogging:


1. Better Design Options. Because WordPress is indisputably more popular than Blogger, it becomes obvious why more designers are willing to work for WordPress. As a result, there is a gazillion of eye-candy WordPress themes and teplates to choose from and to make a website as unique as required.
2. Better SEO. WordPress is best for SEO and there are no arguments, no doubts and no competitors. You will definitely find nothing better than WordPress if you want to rock the search engines and attract huge traffic from there.
3. Easy to Manage. With WordPress you can do anything and see the results  in split of a second that is a lot better when compared to Blogger.
4. Full Control. There are no limits and restrictions upon what kind of content or promotion strategies you are posting in WordPress. You are fully in control of the game here.
5. Huge Amount of Plugins. They allow to extend the core functionality of a WordPress website and make web project as huge and complex as required.

In a nutshell, if you are a beginning blogger and want to run your web page easily – then Blogger is better option for you. However, if you plan something bigger, more advanced and professional – give a try to WordPress.

WordPress sounds like a good choice for you? Check up this prezi and get known all the tips and tricks of successful migration from Blogger to WordPress. Interested yet? Keep watching!

If you are ready to take advantage of WordPress – it’s an opportune time to leave your Blogger website behind and go with WordPress! So, don’t dally at – migrate to WordPress right now.

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