Blogger to Joomla: Migration with No Challenges [Prezi]


When you are making appearance on the internet for the first time, you probably start with something simple to use and run. Those, who recently begin to manage something on the internet, probably chooses platforms such as WiX, Tumblr or Blogger. But, when the time goes by and you gain some skills and knowledge through that time, you realize that it is a moment to go somewhere else and start  owning website on a self-hosted platform such as Joomla, WordPress or even Drupal.

There are certain amount of  people who wish to move their web page from Blogger to Joomla. With Blogger you do not always have much space, and there are little possibilities for improvements.  At the same time, Joomla is an open source platform which allows you to create advanced web projects. You can personally manage the look of your website and add the functionalities with different extensions. Another point of Joomla, comparing to Blogger, is that you and, only you, are the owner of the website. When with Blogger, your page can be deleted with no reasons and explanations.

So now, we would like you to take a look at this awesome Prezi, which will present you all must-know information for an automated Blogger to Joomla migration. You will find out how to prepare for conversion process, and how to polish Joomla website after the migration.

As you have already figured out with aisite, you can easily convert your Blogger to Joomla automatedly with no data losses or any time wasting. Then don’t wait, go ahead and set up the migration of your website, it has never been that easy.

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