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Nowadays, running a blog is like a worldwide Internet obsession. Everyone has the virtual pages for various purposes whether it’s a personal diary or blog for business. And we may easily explain this common tendency. There exist a variety of blog builder tools that do not require any technical skills to manage your blog and get authentic functionality combined with versatile design solutions.

What to Start From: Blog Ideas

If you hesitate to start a blog, we are going to shutter all the prejudice of the blog tuning complexity. Here’s a short list of the top-ideas for your blog startup.

  • “How to” Tutorials
    This type of bloga is the easiest way to start your web project, taking into account the high popularity of such article format. Just choose the topic you’re good at and you will probably become the advisor guru of the Net with your useful step-by-step tutorials.
  • Shblogger-com-vs-wordpress-which-to-chooseare the Experience
    Running a blog requires your constant inspiration and invaluable experience. If you have the unique knowledge, just pass on the torch. You may present trainings, webinars, downloadable stuff that is the great example of how to make money running a blog.
  • Gather Interesting Thoughts
    Also, your weblog may become the stop for various information sources gathering. You may make the reviews of the products, services and other Internet offers to become the respectful expert in the public eye.

Which Platform to Choose: Blogger or WordPress

If you have already thought about the blog topic, it’s time to consider about the blog builder tool. Let’s snap the widespread services that are the basis for the weblog management – Blogger and WordPress.

Blogger is not only the common publishing tool and one of the Google’s infant prodigies, it’s also considered to be the ABC of the blog undertaking, in general. Let’s investigate the bright and dark sides of starting a Blogger-based website.

Blogger Pros
Blogger Cons
User-Friendly for Everyone

Blogger is the publishing tool that does not require much skills and practice at the blog management. You need no efforts to set it up and proceed with getting your thoughts on the Web.

Google Well-IndexedIt’s believed that Blogger websites, as Google products, usually get high rankings in SERPs. Of course, you have to follow all the SEO rules (including on-page and off-page optimisation) and create unique content to get to the top.

Free Domain & Hosting

With, you may choose any domain name for free and not to worry about website maintenance.

Limited Functionality

The main disadvantage of the Blogger is the limited functionality to manage your blog pages. With Blogger, you have few options to extend your blog. That’s why this publishing tool is suitable for small web projects.

Poor Design Optimization

There are not so many themes and templates available and they don’t allow much customisation too, other than slight changes in CSS.

Non-professional URL

The free default Blogger URL doesn’t look very professional – You’ll have to pay in order to use a custom domain without the ‘” part.


One more suitable CMS platform for blogging is WordPress. It comprises the user friendly features as well as Blogger does, but to tell the truth, the difference is pretty obvious. So, how does WordPress compare to Blogger?

WordPress Privileges
  WordPress Weaknesses
Functionality Freedom

WordPress boasts its multi functionality that helps you to frame your website with various plugins and extensions. to add the necessary functions or even create your own ones.

Designer Developed Themes

With WordPress, you may choose any theme of the thousands ones to your taste that makes your blog look more professional and authentic. What’s more, the bulk of themes are free or you may purchase a premium theme, which come in abundance.

Static HomePage Allowed

Unlike Blogger, WordPress provides you with the opportunity to create a homepage that doesn’t change each time you publish a new post, making your blog look much better

Website Experience Needed

In contrast to Blogger, WordPress is a more powerful CMS platform to run the blog on. You will have to learn the essence of WordPress for some time to become acquainted with all the shades and peculiarities.

Domain & Hosting Fee

To start your new website on WordPress platform and make your web page more professional, you have to purchase the domain name. Also, you have to pay for hosting on a regular basis and take care of the website maintenance.

To conclude, is the right solution to make your first steps at blogging and WordPress looks like the second level of this blog sphere competition and would be the right foundation for a blog that is to be expanded.

If you have already started out with and are willing to start the new era with WordPress, you may migrate all of your content from Blogger to WordPress with aisite. This procedure takes little time and totally no efforts. Just try the Demo Migration and in a few clicks you can delve into managing your brand new WordPress blog.

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