bbPress vs. vBulletin: The Migration Way to the Successful Forum Board

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An online forum is the best way to make human interaction personally and socially transformative over the internet. The power of constructive online conversations is vigorous, and it’s necessary to choose the right tool for managing the user’s interaction.

Talking about the forum software, bbPress and vBulletin have earned the love and loyalty of large communities all over the world. Although their primary goals are pretty similar – the routes they both take to achieve those goals are quite different.

Have you appeared with an idea of making your forum more successful by changing the base, but not sure how to do it effortlessly? Keep reading this article and find out the way to make bbPress to vBulletin transfer easy and fast. But first, let’s have a quick overview.

bbPress vs. vBulletin: Checkup of the Successful Forum Board

WordPress is famous for its ease of use and plugin diversity so all WP functions can be used inside bbPress. This forum tool easily integrates with the WordPress website, plus you may use the advantages of many plugins in the directory to enhance your forum performance. However, being an addon-like part, it can’t exist without a WP site. Also, bbPress can cause a determined issue – some plugins might conflict with each other. At times, they can miss their intended function which needs thorough look to sort out the problem.

vBulletin is commercial forum software that runs separately from your site. This stable and mature platform serves over 70,000 online communities and is also suitable for running forum and blog at the same time. By adding Janrain Engage for vBulletin to the implementation, it’s quicker and easier for the visitors to register, sign-on, and share.

Developed with security, powerful administration features and speed in mind, vBulletin also provides you with a great number of templates, graphics, skins and styles for excellent customization. In addition, this software possesses more advanced forum options and doesn’t limit you only by forum creation, but also a blog, a website and any other web projects.

bbPress to vBulletin Converter

A really simple process to move from bbPress to vBulletin exists! If you are interested in running your forum on vBulletin, find the step-by-step instruction below and go through the conversion process as seamless as possible.

Set up the migration from bbPress to vBulletin now! Run completely free Demo first to see the results!


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