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Once you have started running a website and it develops rapidly and steeply, more probably you have planned to start running your own forum. Maybe it’s just as well! Just imagine, the place where the great minds of your peculiar niche gather and share their invaluable knowledge and experience. But, make sure, you’ll be able to create an interesting and authentic forum topic for some peculiar targeted audience.

It’s clear with the niche matters. But what about the tool for your forum creation? More often, they are integrated into the basic website builder tool – CMS platforms. It stands to reason that Joomla and WordPress, both of the most powerful CMSs, provides their users with the ability to create forums. Let’s review a few of the most popular ones – Joomla Kunena and bbPress.

Joomla Kunena Shuttle

Joomla Kunena was launched in 2009 for the open source implementation of native Joomla forum component. “Kunena”, speaks for itself,  is from Swahili translated as ‘to speak’. It’s distinguished as the advanced and user-friendly forum tool at the same time. Half-a-million websites are operated with Joomla Kunena.

This tool supports multiple languages, integration of search, and statistic modules. You may easily improve the functionality of your forum, for instance, it possible to add social share plugin, module that will notify you about your users birthday, tool in order to set the individual permissions, a module for rating, and many others. You may upgrade your Joomla Kunena automatedly. However, be careful with the Joomla versions, not all of them support this or that Kunena versions.

bbPress – WordPress Moon

WordPress is familiar to you? So does bbPress! This forum tool has almost the same admin panel and is compatible with lots of plugins. You may easily integrate your WordPress website with the bbPress forum. Moreover, it will provide your users with the ability to create their own content.

Also, you may easily customize bbPress your requirements and desire. Your website users will be able to enjoy rough and ready forum anytime they’ll need it. bbPress is supported with the spam protection system and other beneficial features.

Kunena/bbPress Migration UFO

Moving on, this paragraph will be concentrated on the Kunena and bbPress dilemma. Have you ever tried to change your forum tool to make it more convenient for your users without losing content? Hmm..from now it’s possible to proceed with painless and fast forum migration with aisite. This automated converter supports Kunena migration from bbPress and vice versa. Make sure it won’t take you much time but helps you to make the first step to your forum improvement and growth.

If you are ready to migrate your Kunena to bbPress or your WordPress forum to Joomla ones, feel free to set up your Demo Migration with no cost at all and make a great surprise for your forum community.

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