B2evolution to WordPress: Move to Present Day

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While setting up a website, there  are numbers of CMS platforms you can explore and base your site on. To choose the appropriate one, you have to consider their pros and cons and compare their features. Now, let’s talk about two CMSs – b2evolution and WordPress.

b2evolution is an open source CMS platform for a multi-user blog or full value website creation. This platform has a lot of effective features, simple installation and advanced themes. The main flaws are: numbers of plugin bugs, difficult interface and time-consuming customization. b2evolution is considered as a distant cousin of WordPress. And in the age of WordPress it is not relevant anymore.

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the internet. It has simple interface which was even updated recently, great amount of themes, currently around 2200,  to give your site any look, you wish. Some of distinctive features are:

  •  open source themes
  •  spell and grammar check
  •  video support
  •  post preview

A lot of people state that WordPress functionality is beyond the limits due to its plugin system which has over 28,000. So, basically you can do with your website anything you want, without much learnings.

When you are sure that you need to transfer your website from b2evolution to WordPress, then do it with aisite. With this migration tool, you convert your site in a couple of minutes after a few simple steps. So, don’t wait up, set up a free demo migration right away and enjoy your new WordPress website in moments.

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