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The heat of the summer has finally passed and autumn brings us the perfect time to be refreshed and recharged. Therefore, now it’s an opportune time to take a step forward towards your new website success!

The first breeze of autumn has prompted us to the idea of showing the acknowledgment and loyalty to the clients. On the occasion of new season, aisite has revised its pricing strategy to make your website conversion even more affordable. Therefore, the price has been reduced for migration across a number of popular CMSs and forum platforms, including:

  • Joomla (along with Joomla K2, Kunena and Zoo)
  • Drupal and Drupal Forum
  • WordPress and
  • Blogger
  • bbPress
  • phpBB
  • vBulletin
  • and much more

Enjoy the great autumn days with aisite and migrate your website at a special reduced rate. The migration prices start at only $19! Hurry up, for this is limited time offer – the discount will be available only from September, 17th to November, 17th.  

Considering the price discount, you can go precisely to the Migration Estimator, and calculate the cost of your particular website transfer. Select the source and target platforms and get the estimated price in a split of a moment.

Find the full list of supported platforms along with the reduced prices, or go ahead and start your demo migration right now.  

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