Autumn Harvest Overview: 5 Most Read Articles

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Albert Camus said: “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower”. It is really so. Autumn is the time to reap the harvest and everything bursts with its beauty as the nature has been saving up all year for the great finale. The same is with our aisite automated migration service. During these three months lots of articles have appeared on our blog. Now it is time to find out which posts have been read most and to sum up the results of the aisite’s rich harvest.

Automated Website Conversion from HTML to CMS Platform: the Unique Opportunity with aisite

You have been waiting for so long to get the desirable opportunity to convert your HTML website to CMS platform flawlessly and time-saving.

This news has been the first that has given you the hope that you can make your dream come true. It clearly shows the advantages you get during and after the automated migration:

  • finally you will be able to enjoy the simpleness of the intuitive CMS platform instead of writing codes for hours;
  • possibility to focus more attention to the content of your site without the help of a programmer;
  • opportunity to enjoy the fully automated process of conversion – with aisite service the migration will be finished in a few minutes without any losses.

HTML vs CMS: What do You Prefer, a Bike or a Car?

Convert HTML to CMSDue to the fact that HTML web-programming language was the first and the only way to create and run a website, lots of people used it to get their feet wet on the Internet. There is no doubt that to manage such site, there is the necessity to have deep coding knowledge. Latter on, CMS platforms appeared. They were the alternative methods of website development with easier usage. Those people who wanted to simplify their Internet-being, decided to move their static websites to dynamic ones.

But nevertheless, both of these ways of site creation have their pros and cons and this is what the article shows us. It explains  all the peculiarities of HTML and CMS websites management in very detail. Moreover, with its pieces of advice, it gives the possibility to decide which one of the methods will be most optimal for you.

“Users Coming from Joomla 1.5 or 2.5 will be in for Quite a Shock” – an Interview with Michael Babker


Michael Babker is a member of Joomla Production Leadership Team. He has granted aisite service with the interview and shares his insights on Joomla strengths and weaknesses. Michael provides us with a brief overview of the long-awaited 3.5 release and its new features.

Moreover, in the interview he gives the helpful and very useful tips for the newbies to Joomla community. Those who consider Joomla CMS to be the platform of their dream, will find Michael’s talk exciting and readworthy.

HTML or Drupal: Which Bridge to Cross and Which to Burn [+Tutorial]

Convert HTML to DrupalIf you are a website owner, you have definitely heard about Drupal CMS platform. It is necessary to be a webmaster to develop and manage the web project on this CMS. But it also provides its users with great possibilities to customize and modify their sites. That is why Drupal is beloved platform by lots of developers.

But what if you have bet on the wrong horse and have chosen HTML web-programming language to create your site and now want it on Drupal? The answer to your question you can find in this article. All the necessary information about HTML and Drupal is hidden right here. Moreover, you will be able to learn all the tips and tricks of HTML to Drupal migration.

phpBB vs Joomla Kunena: Choice of the Perfect Forum

Lots of people all over the world create and manage their own websites. Some of them do this to get some fun when the others want to turn it into a source of their income. That is why such people are considering the idea of the expanding their web projects with, for instance, blogs, forums, online stores, etc.

phpBB and Joomla Kunena MigrationWhile speaking about forum modules it is crucial to emphasise that there is no need to have any programming knowledge to create and run the discussion boards. Moreover, besides the active community it is possible to gather interesting ideas and thoughts. So, this article describes two forum modules: phpBB and Joomla Kunena – ‘stand alone’ and plugin-like one:

So, these are 5 the most popular articles of the autumn season. Keep up following aisite’s blog and soon you will find out which articles have been read most during the miracle winter period.

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