Automated E107 to Joomla Switch [Infographic]

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Usually, the dream of a website owner looks like this – the site content is updated on regularly basis, daily website visitors are amazed with the original design, you have lots of traffic, normally you spend a few minutes on posting, editing and no more. It’s too much, isn’t it? Yeah, with all this characteristics, your CMS might be from the outer space. But, nowadays there’s such a great variety of website building tools, that you may easily choose the one (from outer space) for yourself.

Today, Joomla is one of the most powerful, design advanced CMS platforms. it counts multiple web project creation, like intranets, extended websites, online stores, forums, etc. Joomla unites the combination of user friendly interface, improved functionality, and authentic design suggestions. That’s why there are more and more website owners who would like to take a challenge and migrate their existing site content to Joomla. So, you are welcomed to check up the infographic below and find all the useful information on how to migrate e107 to Joomla properly and easily.

Now, you know all the hints and tricks of fast and accurate website data migration. So, if you want to gain you website improvement, give a try to an automated e107 to Joomla migration.

Estimate Your Migration Price

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