Review of the Best AMP WordPress Plugins

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Today, the mobile designs are making way for more eclectic styles that perform much faster than their web versions. Or in other terms, it is no longer possible to overlook the significance of an efficient website that responds quickly to mobile devices.

With mobile internet traffic making up 51.98% of the total global traffic, it is no surprise that the next factor in line that the search engines look for is how fast the websites load. Be it on a laptop or a mobile device, the algorithm prioritizes speed. 

Accelerated Mobile Pages are now in popular demand as an increasing number of users are switching to mobile searches

WordPress developers are catching up with the trend. Fortunately, these top AMP plugins can help in upgrading your WP site to promptly load on mobile devices. 


Official AMP Plugin 


The AMP project aims at creating better web experience for all its users and works flawlessly across not only mobile devices but on PCs as well. The plugin will enable full site AMP experience without compromising the accuracy of the content and flexibility. 

You can configure the site experience in three modes – standard, transitional, and reader using this AMP. Where the automatic conversions are not possible, AMP will identify the problematic components so that users can fix them manually. 

The plugin works perfectly for all core themes and is developing a feature to create and publish AMP stories. 

The user review for this plugin is mixed, as the interface is more suited for experienced web developers rather than beginners. There is some necessary coding involved to enjoy all the customizing features. 


AMP for WP


This straight-forward plugin has abundant features that can optimize any WordPress site instantly. 

AMP for WP comes with a wide selection of extensions and feature sets, including Adsense, contact form, email subscription, and CTA support. It also integrates nicely with other popular plugins such as Yoast, SEOPress, All in One SEO, and many more. 

One of the highlighted aspects of this plugin is the Custom editor. It lets web developers create page designs, contents, and release updates on the AMP aspects of the site. 

Together with a drag-and-drop page builder, it works swiftly for customizing the layout, navigation, and user experience. The additions extend to carousel galleries along with support for social media networks. 

AMP for WP is an excellent alternative for those who feel restricted with the official AMP plugin. When you have put in the effort to create content with professionals from services such as, it is only fair to want control over how it’s presented. 

This plugin gives the user more control and options for customization with choices on how the content looks and functions. 


AMP WP – Google AMp for WordPress


While it is true that most of the plugins picked their names from the same bowl, bear with us to know the subtle differences in each. 

AMP WP allows you to do real-time customization to perceive the design changes in the mobile versions. The plugin, though slightly less popular, claims to offer five times faster loading web pages. 

The design controls might be the best features, with slider, sticky header, lightboxes, and related posts view, among others. It also offers compatibility with a broad set of SEO tools.

The tools are Yoast SEO, as well as third-party analytics, including Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. Users can also decide on which pages, and for which specific aspects, AMP should be enabled. 

The main area where AMP WP drags behind is the choice of themes. Currently, it offers only one, but it won’t be long for more options to appear. 

On the brighter side, the plugin is 100% free as of now.


AMP Stories for WordPress


Stories are becoming an attractive feature across all social media platforms, and now it has extended to websites as well. 

AMP Stories elevate the user engagement on your site by introducing tappable and interactive full-screen content. This trendy feature can instantly create a sophisticated yet simple web design for your WP page. 

AMP Stories is the single app you need to include stories to your website, and spruce it up with image, video, or a CTA. All you need to do is fill in a simple form with the text and any image or video you need to upload. 

You can also include URLs to be attached to the story. AMP stories offer more features such as bookend management and support for extra content with Facebook integration in the premium version. Switch to Block Editor

If you want to keep up with the current trends in responsive web designs, then the AMP Stories plugin is a great tool to have. 




weeblrAMP for WordPress is another freemium plugin that is rich in features. In the free version, it includes support for all WP content, analytics, ad inclusions in mobile modes, and plugin integrations. It also comes with support for native WordPress comments. 

If you are willing to pay for the premium version, there is a lot of extra features, such as contact forms, analytics, and eCommerce integrations. 

weeblrAMP also works well with multilingual pages and offers automatic dynamic ad insertion in your content. 

In terms of functionality, weeblrAMP seems to be performing really well. It provides advanced support in enabling AMPs.

The areas for improvement can be styling and customization aspects to make this plugin more accessible. 




BetterAMP offers a solution to speed up your WordPress site’s mobile version. This plugin automatically enables the AMP, no coding needed. Users can also view the desktop version through the plugin itself. 

The tool works right away once installed, and there is a settings area where you can make necessary changes to posts, categories, author pages, etc. 

The customization options include color changes in layouts, automatic redirection, and Google analytics tracking. 

BetterAMP serves best as a middle ground between the official AMP plugin and the ones with more options such as AMP for WP or weeblrAMP.




AMP It Up is another all-in-one plugin that will cover all the work for you once you install it. Using it, you will get an AMP-complaint website with minor manual configurations. 

The tool features support for web links and integrations for Google analytics YouTube and Brightcove. 

One notable element is that AMP it Up will automatically add social share buttons to your pages. This will eliminate the need for another plugin. It will additionally convert content for the AMP-complaint carousel automatically. 

It is a perfect choice for a beginner who wants to speed up the website across all devices. It gives you flexibility, along with all the required usability. 


Wrapping Up


While there are a few more AMP plugins available on the WordPress directory, they have not released frequent updates. These might pose compatibility issues with the latest versions of WordPress. 

All the above-listed plugins offer timely updates and are now actively notching the AMP list. Moreover, users can also find SEO tools that cater specifically to the mobile-optimized versions. 

If you haven’t already installed an AMP plugin, waste no more time. AMP optimization is crucial for your website to climb up the charts and drive more traffic. 


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