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What day is today? Right, today aisite has updated its migrating mechanism at the same time making the data transfer process smoother. We’ve made major changes from the back to the front-end of our migration Wizard 🙂 Now converting from one CMS platform to another got more intuitive and sequential and is divided into 4 short steps to proceed with:

  • Provide your Existing and New websites details;
  • Download the Connection Bridge and connect to both of your websites;
  • Run Free Demo to preview the results first;
  • If satisfied, launch the Complete content migration to the new CMS platform

One big update we’re the proudest of is that aisite now allows data mapping. What does this mean for you? From now on, you can simply select which content items to transfer from the Existing to the New platform.

Choose the platform you want your website to move from and think about your new true destination: WordPress, or Joomla or Drupal.  

For now, there are only 2 Additional Options available: Meta data migration to the new website (means preserving your old website’s SEO rankings), and Images migration to the content body.

There will surely be more!

The updated aisite version helps you with migrating the following:

  • Content and its dates, authors, and statuses (published, unpublished, draft)
  • Users and their roles/groups
  • Comments, their authors, and publishing dates
  • Menus and its items
  • Images
  • Taxonomies (tags and categories)
  • Content Relations Mapping: content to tag, content to featured image, content to category
  • More to be awaited 😉

Trust words less than actions? In this case, try out Free Demo, and move a few content items to see the migration result first.

It’s not all yet, folks!

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