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The sky is a limit – that is our everlasting motto! With aisite, your website migration is more improved and raised to perfection with the beneficial migration options.

Just imagine, all your website content is migrated automatedly without any loss of time and data including your posts, pages, comments, user data, attachments, etc in a very split moments. Moreover, in order to make your switching even more flawless and speed, aisite offers the following extra options:

  • Migrate Media – $19
    All your post pictures will be moved directly from your current CMS to another.

  • Make URLs SEO Friendly – $19
    The internal links will be formed in accordance to the rewrite rules of your new CMS website.

  • 301 Redirect from your Previous URLs to the new URLs – $99 $59
    Your previous website URLs will be redirect to the new one preserving your SEO and ranking. This option works with the site migration to WordPress and Drupal.

  • Clear Current Target Data – Free
    Choosing this option, the test data from your new website will be deleted automatedly during the migration.

That’s aisite elixir for your accurate and diligent website migration! Don’t dally at your switching to your new brand CMS platform. Just choose your site/ conversion way and our service will do it best to bring your website to the perfection. Set up your free Demo Migration, and you’ll be able to enjoy your new website in a blink of an eye.

P.S. Catch your special 301 Redirect offer for super low price!

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