aisite Groundbreaking Feature: Migrate Your Website Content with No Target CMS Installed

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This is a revolutionary improvement in aisite! Since now, it’s possible to migrate content to the new CMS platform even if you haven’t got it installed!

Yes, it’s true, and you got it right. aisite erases all the migration difficulties every time! Now, if you want to try website migration to the new CMS/ platform with our service, you don’t even need to install the Target CMS you want to move data to.

To try the migration, all you have to do is provide the URL of your current website and indicate your desired CMS platform. Then, your content is moved from your current site to the test site powered by the CMS you pointed out – as a free Demo migration. You’ll be able to check this website front- and back-end as Administrator.

If you’re happy with the results, it’s easy to continue with the Full migration and get your full database dump file to import into your new website. You can do it yourself or get professional Migration Assistance from our tech engineers, who are ready to help you install your new CMS and import the database in there.

We at aisite are doing our best to make website migration the easiest matter ever and save the most of your time and efforts! Just a few mouse clicks and in moments your new website’s in your pocket! Are you ready to this super simple website migration? So, go ahead to set up your free Demo Migration and enjoy the new look of your website!

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