7 Reasons to Convert a Website to WordPress

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Blogging is a really cool deal to utilize when you are trying to promote your thoughts and ideas on the internet. It is also an extremely good opportunity to showcase your own personality and interact with millions of possible readers. And while you may wonder how a normally functioning website would be less than WordPress, we are here to tell you that you couldn’t be more wrong.

WordPress is indeed a great one of a kind platform to use while trying to showcase your products or advertise or proclaim about something. In fact, WordPress is the main blogging domain rocking the charts right now. With its really cool features and amazing amenities which give it an upper edge over all the other websites and blogging domains that may be available.

There are many different reasons why you should convert your website into a WordPress blog for better advertising and we shall only discuss a few of them given below. So without much further ado, let us have a good look at the seven important reasons why WordPress is indeed the better alternative as compared to all other options present here:

reasons to convert to wordpress

The first and foremost thing that matters when you start with your website is exposure. For your business to expand and for you to get hold of a better customer base you should always choose a reliable domain name without being captive to their trademark. With the freedom to design your blog with whichever method you choose and with their exceptional administrations, you can obtain everything you need to write the perfect blog to show the customer database. However, you will need to pay $13 every year for the unlimited access to the premium features of the website. Considering how effortless this is, the cost is definitely very little to accept and reckon with.

There are many great opportunities you can utilize within the WordPress browser. It has almost 200 themes and many other fonts and features you can utilize while designing your blog. Rather than the usual run of the mill boring themes, there is a special section called Get Noticed! which will ensure that your blog can catch the attention of all those who go past your website and make sure that it attracts all of them very favorably.

There are a plethora of choices you can designate and utilize while creating the perfect blog. There are many amazing plugins and modules you can choose to install in order to make your blog and websites easier and much more better to make.

As an example, here are a few plugins you can choose from:

Yoast SEO

reasons to convert to wordpress

Helps you to get better search indexes and change the basic meta information present in the post.


reasons to convert to wordpress

Adds many other additional plugins, advertisements and drop-down options that come very handy while contacting or trying to approach the customers.

There are many other great plugins and modules you can choose from like Blueberry Power press and Disqus Commenting system as well as Vault Press.  Not only does it allow having a potential backup for every kind of media file we share, it also allows us to revise our content without any fatal keywords.

WordPress also ensures that you can post advertisements on the main websites alongside other blogs. Thus WordPress has the policy of living and lets live. They will allow you to promote other websites and promote yours too unless you pay a special fee that keeps your website clutter-free. Even that is pretty affordable too.

If you think WordPress is only useful in making blogs, think again. It is an amazing multi-disciplinary domain that can help you set up a web store as well. All the products that you want to buy, sell or help in the transactions from one website to another.  Also, important news alert, Google prefers the websites that originate from the WordPress sites. WordPress makes sure that your website is maintained properly so that you can maintain your ratings and increase your customer exposure.

You don’t need to have a genius’ IQ to fix the websites on WordPress or to add new features. You don’t need to know about HTML software or any fancy codes to install plugins and other modules to improve your web pages functionality.

WordPress offers you regular and easy updates to your websites. Also based on the recent trends you are getting you can easily edit and refurbish your website to change it according to your wish. Moreover, WordPress has a pretty large customer base and it will definitely be very beneficial for you and your company. Not only interested customers will get to view your website, but also many talented developers and content designers are available which will ensure that you get the best kind of website that propels your business the right way.

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