7 Joomla Mistakes: What You Should Avoid?

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Joomla MistakesJoomla is one of the most powerful and popular CMS platforms all over the world. It has many followers and if you one of them or just feel joining, then you are probably interested in the information about this content management system. Developing a website is not a big deal nowadays, especially if you use CMS. But still there is a risk to make lots of mistakes which can have a harmful influence over your web project. Today, we are going to discuss the burning issues concerning site creation and management on Joomla CMS.

1. Blemished SEO Strategy

SEOThis is probably the most common mistake made by the begginers. The keywords and meta description which are the most important part of the efficient web development can be picked incorrectly and be irrelevant to the content. This may cause the loss of your target audience. The Headline Tag is another constituent of site administering, it gets indexed in the search engines. That is why it is necessary that the <H> tag isn’t messy as it can cause the problem when your web project is unnoticed and you may lose the potential customers.

2. Unusual Webdesign

Lots of people think that if their site looks differently, then there is a chance to be sold more frequently. It is true that the unique website design brings more profit, but there are some issues that should be kept in mind. You have to remember that even, if the design seems to be extraordinary on your browser, it may have an unprofessional look on the others. So, while creating a website, follow the basic conventions and won’t make this kind of mistake.

3. Links Issue

Links can lead your web project to success due to the fact that they help a site to get indexed in search engines. But this is true only if the links are built correctly. Two kinds of links are differentiated: internal and external. Make sure that the external links which lead to the other website, always open in a new window. This is the necessary move if you don’t want your visitors to leave your web page.

4. Images: Size and Name

Many web developers use images to promote their sites, that is why it is very important that your web project supports image resizing. The users don’t like too big or too small pictures. Plus, the image resizing is needed to edit an illustration right on the web page and not to upload it until you select the necessary size. The pic naming also plays a significant role. In order to increase your traffic via image based searches, you should definitely use the Alt Tag or alternate description.

5. Copy/Paste from MS Word

Copy/PasteLots of Joomla users utilise MS Word to write a text for a web project. In order to add the content to the site, people just copy and paste it into Joomla’s HTML editor. This manipulation may take your website completely down. To prevent this happen, you should better copy the text into notepad before copying it directly into Joomla editor.

6. Constant Updates

Lots of users don’t update their sites since setting up which is another mistake that people make while running a website. This fact reduces the quality of the web project and you may lose the visitors. But when the data of your site is up-to-date, it becomes more trustworthy and can bring lots of traffic.

7. Security Issues

While developing a website, you should pay attention to the security problems. If the system is weak, it may crash down, it can be hacked and all your data may be destroyed. Plus the sites with low security take lots of time to load, and this annoys many of the users. That is why it is necessary for you to prevent security loopholes in your web project. Install some extensions which will protect your site and keep your data safe. You should also remove unused extensions as they act as incubators for potential threats.

Joomla MigrationNow you are provided with all the necessary information concerning the mistakes which can be made during website creation and management. If you feel that Joomla is a platform of your dreams and that you will handle all these problems, then there is an extremely easy way to migrate your content from such platforms as WordPress, Drupal and others to Joomla. With aisite service the process of Joomla migration is fully automated, accurate and flawless. So, don’t waste your time, make a decision, migrate your current website to Joomla and enjoy the results.

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