7 Facts That Will Change How You Understand CMS Migration

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You know what is WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Tumblr and etc., right? Good for you. CMSs are not just simple platforms for entertainment, funny pics, gifs, vids, and posts. Some people besides from making money of it, make the world better. It’s a vital part of their business.

Let’s see what do you know about CMS migration and what does this process really include?

False Fact #1. It’s all about the content transferring.


Then what? It’s obvious. You will say. Though, you can’t just take a book from one shelf and put it to another. Or simply find a new place for those “funny pics, vids, and posts”. There must be a real reason. Migration of content requires highly concentrated attention to the process and choosing what is important and what is not. Every post-publication is sorted and has its own place in the website’s organization. If you just take one thing from your website and drop it anywhere on your newly transferred platform, it will definitely not bring you more visitors, users and likes. It’s all about proper data sorting and optimization and then transferring.

False Fact #2. Oh, I know. It’s like a website redesign.

Sorry, mate, but no either.

If you want to redesign your site, just choose a new theme, change a couple of fonts and post or add something new. See? There is nothing about changing platforms. CMS migration, on the contrary, includes moving to a completely different level. It concerns moving the inner parts (like all the data and content) of your website. For example, you can move from one platform to another and then do redesigning or refurbishing inside your “house” (adjust design, fonts, etc.). This surely gives you more opportunities, since every CMS is different and has to offer something unique for everyone.

False Fact #3.  It’s a time-consuming process.

This depends on how are you going to do this. If manually – then yes. It will take a considerable part of your time and resources. All the management, preparations, searching and hiring professionals in this field will make you be like: “I’m better not doing this”.

Fortunately, there is a great solution, which is automated CMS migration. It’s like an octopus-Julius Caesar, which has lots of tentacles and does everything simultaneously on a high-quality level. By the way, it depends on how much content you’ve got. Nevertheless, an automated migration may take you from 15 mins to 1-2 hours. (Just in case you’re wondering: manual migration can last from weeks to years).

False Fact #4.  It’ll be risky

No guts, no glory. We might say. Though, we are not going to, because you’re already trying to reach heights, creating a new face for your website and hoping that this will work out. There’s a fear that all your data will be “404” during and after the migration process. To avoid this, you can make a backup of your info. There are dozens of such tools developed specially for each platform.

False Fact #5. All my SEO rankings will disappear

No, they won’t. With automated tool, it’s much easier since all your rankings can be transferred to a new CMS. Setting up permanent 301 redirects and Google Webmasters will help in this process, too.The site obviously will be of the same popularity peak as it was before. If you’ve changed the platform which has more privileges it can be even #1 in browsing.

False Fact #6. There’s no suitable platform. I’ll do everything by my own

Probably the biggest misconception. There are dozens of CMSs which are among the “top-s” right now, like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, and those, which are constantly improving their functionality. Try to google and you’ll see for yourself. Every platform is unique, of course, they have their pros and cons. Some are better for blogging, some are more suitable for complex websites and some are ideal for e-commerce means. You think that building your website using HTML or CSS would be a perfect solution? Well, these technologies are becoming more and more things of the past epoch. With CMSs you can do everything faster, better and brighter.

False Fact #7. If I move to a new platform, I’ll immediately gain new users

Well, yes and no. Why no? Migrating to a new CMS isn’t enough for increasing your rankings. Your website should have good content and be attractive for the visitors. If there are dozens of uninteresting, unsorted and off-topic posts, then it’ll be the same ol’ dull pal even if it works on a new extremely cool and popular platform. Organize your website first then make it a “real meat”.

Hope we’ve broadened your vision on how does really CMS migration work. Without knowing the core of it, you wouldn’t be able to make a high-quality website. CMS migration isn’t so hard task as it might seem. Though, you should better know at least a bit about each of them to make a successful choice.

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