7 Essential WordPress Web Design Trends to Follow in 2018

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Web development has continued to evolve, with each new year introducing something new. Platforms, language and other necessary features that make up development continue to change and keeping up with web development trends can be demanding.


Looking back over the 15 years since WordPress came into existence, it’s clear that a lot of changes have been made. Still, the fact remains that there have been security breaches and some branding went bad. The truth is, however, that these types of situations are inevitable considering the number of websites that are out there.  


Google has taken some initiative – SSL certificates mark websites as “secured” and the promotion of their Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), enhance user experience on a mobile phone. This particular move has begun to align developers towards ideal website design focus; developing fast and safe online experience for everyone.


If you have been using WordPress for a while, you are unlikely to be surprised by new development trends, as they will often be a natural evolution of what you are currently practicing and using.


Simple color schemes

Your website color scheme communicates with your users in a fascinating way. Most readers are swayed by the color of your website and it is good to consider what might appeal to them. Here are some things to keep in mind;


Stick with a particular color palette – using too many colors can be distracting, not engaging. Aside from the recommended use of black or gray text, select two main colors for your website and use them consistently; this will make it more visually pleasing to your readers.

Accent color usage. When you want to emphasize a particular area, you can use a color accent to draw the user’s attention to a call to action button, special offers or an ongoing contest.


Custom Font

Custom fonts, especially in WordPress, have been trending lately. Ditch the old Arial fonts. Though setting up a new font can seem tricky, anything that will make an attractive design is worth the time and effort. When choosing a font, pick something that is readable, but also keys into the design of the website. Make sure that the selected font reflections your brand and the services you offer.


Interesting images

A story becomes more interesting and digestible when there are accompanying image. This lends your site an aesthetic which complements the content of your post. When uploading images, first optimize them for your WordPress site. Sites with appealing images appear more professional in their design.


Permalink structure

A permalink is a URL which gives a user access your site’s pages. WordPress has default Permalink structure that looks like this – http://mywebsite.com/?p=123. The idea here is to set this custom structure to something more consumable. For example, post titles could appear as – http://mywebsite.com/sample-post/. This structuring is necessary to improve your content’s readability and search engine optimization (SEO). It will also help ease comprehension as your URLs indicate what the content is all about.


Content formatting

The overall look of your webpage content is a determining factor of your success. Don’t just put up content anywhere; always arrange it to ease readability by using subheadings, bullet points, and short paragraphs. You should consider your reader and always deliver the best to them. Content marketers advise that 45-80 characters per line are ideal for readability and comprehension.


WordPress Plugins

This is what makes WordPress different from other websites. It is easy to implement new features with the use of plug-ins. However, plugins can do some harm when proper consideration is not taken. Check out reviews and ratings before choosing particular plug-ins, and try to keep the number of plug-ins used to a minimum as they can slow down the speed of your website excessively. Deactivate and delete plug-ins as the cease being useful, and always make sure they are updated.



Navigation buttons ensure users can access all the content on your site with ease. Simple and clear navigation is essential. Providing users with too many options can be distracting, and you want to avoid stocking the navigation with too many characters. Visitors will eventually turn to readers when the navigation is simple and easy to understand.


There are always more WordPress Web design trends on the horizon, but many are only concerned with tweaking or recreating that which you have made use of in the past. Still, if you are yet to begin your journey into WordPress, it could be time to start enjoying the rewarding opportunities WordPress Web development can offer.

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