7 Best Free Tools for Businesses 2017: An Extensive Review

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Starting a business is an exciting process. It provides you with a huge amount of new possibilities as well as with a considerable scale of work to do. To come up with an excellent idea for your startup is just the first step towards a great business development. There always will be things to do and tasks to accomplish. But since we live in the world of technology, there are lots of tools which can ease different business processes such as project management, email campaigns, social media activities, etc. Here is the list of the most useful and free tools for businesses in 2017.


A social media presence is vital for any business success. Moreover, regular posting on different social platforms can bring desirable results. But everyday posting on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, etc., social media channels can be a really time-consuming and effortful process. With the help of Buffer you will be able to connect a profile from each network and to schedule ahead a certain amount of posts for each network.

Due to the fact that Buffer comes with a browser extension and mobile apps for iOS and Android, it lets you manage social media channels whenever you want and wherever you are.


Asana is a great project management tool that will help you keep your team and projects organized in one place. This free tool allows you to create multiple projects, assign team members and assign them tasks not only via a desktop computer but also via mobile devices.

Thus, Asana is a perfect business planning tool which comes with a free plan (the team has up to 15 members).

Invoice Ninja

One of the biggest goals of any business is to get paid and consequently, the next tool you will need at your disposal is a free invoicing tool. One of them is Invoice Ninja, a free tool for businesses to receive payments for their work. It lets you send unlimited invoices to up to 100 clients per month for free. Invoice Ninja comes with ready-made templates, the possibility to integrate 45+ payment gateways and many other prominent features with will help you speed up your workflow.


MailChimp is a free email marketing platform. Its free plan allows you to send 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers per month. Besides, this tool provides you other features which you can find useful during your email marketing campaign. Those are: customizable signup forms, insightful reports, ready-made templates and the possibility to build your own template.


Freshdesk is a free tool for customer support. Its free plan includes unlimited number of agents. Freshdesk comes with a robust ticket management system, automatic email alerts, standard phone and social media platforms support. This tool also lets you track and analyze the agent’s performance via the informative and exportable reports.


Now when you are aware of free must-have tools for successful businesses management, you also need to know about the tool which is considered to be one of the best to build and run your business with – WordPress. The unlimited functionality and the possibility to create a totally unique website can be achieved with the help of a huge amount of plugins and themes.

Although WordPress is a free open source content management system, you will need to spend some money for your domain name and hosting provider in order to build and run your site on this platform. In case you have already a website but now you want it on WP platform, give a try to the next tool in this list.


aisite is an automated service for content management system (CMS) data migration. With aisite, you’ll avoid the hassle of manual data transfer and save your time. You’ll be able to import your content, categories, users, tags etc to a new platform absolutely automatedly in a few mouse clicks. This service allows you to run Free Demo Migration and in such a way to have an opportunity to observe the future look of your new website.

Bottom Line

And what tools do you use to successfully manage your business? Feel free to leave your comments in the section below.

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