6 Signs You Need to Migrate Your CMS [Quick Facts]

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Everyone has their darker days. In order not to make them the darkest ones, you’d better often look not only outside the house but also inside of it, to see if it needs cleaning and refurbishing.

If the bright cover is taken into consideration only, then more obviously that the chocolate inside will be way too bitter.

Sign #1. It’s not eye candy anymore

40% of people will leave your website if it takes more than 3 sec to load.


Guess what this line is about? Popularity drop. It’s important to have high viewing rates, since lots of users may find it useful and be kind of worldwide marketing messengers. The more people visit your website, the more feedback of it and info found throughout all the Internet. Try to change or add something new to contents, design, features, options or functionality. Everything of these can make your website look shmexy and attractive again.


Sign #2. Wrong CMS choice


Each platform has its strong and weak sides. You just need to opt what type of services your site will provide.  If you have a website of adept level complexity and run it on CMS which has too basic options set, then it’s Titanic. Doomed to sink down. Or on the contrary, if it’s a plain website/blog for “everything of this and that”, then you don’t need that “how in the world am I going to manage that website?”

Take for instance 3 CMS leaders, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal. Each platform aims differently. WP (160m downloads and by the way the most popular CMS platform which powers 25.4% all websites globally) is the best option for blogs, though there are a lot more opportunities than simple blogging. Joomla (30m downloads) is recommended for e-commerce websites and communities. With Drupal (15m downloads) it would be easy to manage contents of the complex corporate websites.

Notable websites which run on:


If you’re migrating, it’s no way problematic nowadays. Manual transferring? Too long. Then perhaps it’s time to give a try to automated platform changing?

Sign #3. Extensions Issues

Psst, let me tell you the biggest secret. If you think that you don’t need extensions and add-ons then you don’t need your website. That’s it. In fact, these little dudes make the basis of your website. If you see that your current platform offers you needless, incomplete or buggy add-ons, then it’s a wise reason to migrate. Otherwise, extensions incompatibility or flaws will heavily bound the site’s functionality.

Here are some useful extensions for 3 leading CMS platforms:


Sign #4. No those two big guys on the backs of whom is printed “Security”

Approximately 37k sites are hacked on the daily basis.


The ones who developed a website making the great contribution to it, feel it like a part of themselves. Such people, first of all, will strongly take care of their website’s security issues. In case your CMS is an often bullseye for hacking, then it’s time to think about migration since it threatens to lose your rankings and important data. Choose the platform which has much more privileges in security matters and migrate to your new better CMS effortlessly.

Helpful security plugins for WP, Joomla, Drupal:


Sign #5. Non-mobile friendly CMS

Almost 53,7% of users globally access the internet via mobile devices.

Obviously, that this type of mainstream is only growing. To see this for yourself, it’s enough just to look around. Why is that so? Because it’s more comfortable and flexible. There’s no need to go home, turn on your PC and search for the website you want. It’s a waste of time.

There’s another problem emerges. The mobile website couldn’t support/display the full functionality, because of improper responsive design, which tells you, that some things need to be changed.

Sign #6. Non-profitable

It partly concerns the topic of choosing right platform. If you see that your CMS takes everything and gives nothing, then you probably waste your resources and invest in a hopeless project. Find your perfect CMS which will fit your needs. Compare prices and services. Once again if you’re developing the swirly-like website, with all that juicy stuffing, you would probably need some advanced platform with reasonable solutions along with wise pricing. If it’s going to be a simple “everyday diary”, then you don’t need to overpay for a simple set of functions, which will be more than enough.

Why does it happen so? Well, as you’ve seen, there are so many reasons. Poor website functionality, bugs, unattractive design, products of low quality which your website provides etc. You’d better do something about it. Don’t be afraid of the changes. Today there is such an opportunity as automated CMSs migration which can be completely effortless, and make your thumbs go up.

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