6 Effective Ways to Double Your WordPress Traffic

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WordPress Traffic can be referred to as a golden deer to those who are professionally involved in online based earning. The reason is- the more traffic a site receives, the more the owner can earn. This eventually leads you to the most desired lifestyle of ‘Four Hour Workweek’. But it is a matter of sorrow that getting your required WordPress Traffic is quite a mammoth task. Moreover, there is no fixed rule to attain the expected Traffic. Despite there are some ways or techniques that you can adopt to double the Traffic. Here we have shared the mostly adopted and effective six ways with which you can bring considerable progress to your WordPress Traffic. Let’s begin!

1. Optimization of the Posts

You might have been infatuated with getting rank on Google, but you might have never realized how your already made posts are presented on the SERPs, broadly known as Search Engine Results Pages that can create a vast difference. In simple word, you must be concerned with the two following matters:

  • Choose the appropriate title, if needed modify it in such a way that it becomes relevant to the search of the people.
  • Always include a Meta description for each of your posts so that people can have an easy and smooth hint of what they are going to find inside.

Customizing of title and description may appear to be tough to you. In such case, we recommend you to use Yoast SEO plugin that can facilitate the procedure for you. So, this is how you can make your title and description both flawless and engaging. Google will automatically take the data and insert it within its SERPs.

2. Addition of Breadcrumbs

It is great to use Breadcrumbs navigation for usability that gives the visitors an immediate concept to visit your site showing that your site has the relative information they are looking for. It also enables the visitors to sail across via your site effortlessly.

Most interestingly there is another fabulous advantage of using breadcrumbs: it offers the seekers additional data regarding your site even before they try to learn it, which is an exceptionally good thing. This feature adds a new dimension to the appearance of your site in the SERPs. 

Additionally, supporting breadcrumbs on the site is quite a straightforward task that requires the WordPress SEO through Yoast plugin. However, after the addition of breadcrumbs, you will begin to experience a new level of traffic augmentation.  

3. Increase Traffic through Split Test of the Headlines


double wordpress traffic

You must be aware of the significance of headlines if you have been a professional or long-time blogger. You might have already found that the similar post can either go viral or be an entire flop based on the potentiality of the headline only

Keeping the fact in mind, you can upturn your site’s via the split test of the headlines. You can accomplish the task easily using Title Split Testing for WordPress plugin. This helps you to generate more than two headlines for all the posts and offers those to the visitors randomly and calculates the click by rate. You will be capable of making perfect decision on which one will get the topmost priority and then can close the test. The advantage of this is immediate and better than ever before.

4. Interlinking of Your Pages

There are several things, which can be more significant to boosting the searchers’ assignation on a blog than relating to each of your posts. According to James Bernard, the head of Web Development at Brillassignment.co.uk said, “Lots of visitors of your site will primarily remain unknown of your navigation and according to your finding- including links to associated posts straight inside your content is the mere technique for compelling the visitors to explore the site further.”

Therefore, we recommend you to comprise as many related links to the linked posts on the blog as possible while creating blog posts. If possible, you can also interlink your pages on the page of any other site. 

5. Including Related Posts

We expect that you are already acquainted with the idea of comprising connected posts at the end of an article. If you have been a Jetpack user, then you can accomplish the task by merely switching on the feature. Including related posts is a demonstrated method of increasing engagement by offering the visitors a distinct chance to carry on reading the contents of your site.

However, the maximum number of the top plugins of related posts let you identify how your linked posts will be created. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to learn extensiveness of WordPress plugins.

6. Re-tweeting the Acquired Posts

double wordpress traffic

You must be a great fan of Twitter. If we are not wrong, then we think that you should make the best use of this social app as it is the most available social network in perspective of being capable of building a following and escalate the traffic. The benefit does not end here- you can even systematize the traffic flow of your site from Twitter using the Revive Old Post plugin.

To Conclude

Finally, it is seen that each of the ways of doubling the WordPress Traffic is merely excellent. The techniques are easy to follow as well that is another great help to you. Hence, we think that there may hardly be any other way of making your WordPress Traffic twofold in such an easy and effective way.

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