5 Ways to Renew Your Website

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The end of the year automatically sets up the beginning of another and to make it both productive and successful, it’s high time to make up some plans. As a website owner, you know how difficult it is to impress your reader and stay eye-catchy among tons of wonderful website in the “web world”. Of course, you can easily dive into new projects, encourage new clients for following and forget about your website, but giving a new breath to it even with making some efforts will definitely pay off in the long run.

The following information outlines 5 the most reliable ways to give new colouring to the website and shows how to make a guest a long-time reader.

Try different dresses

What is the first and foremost thing you pay attention to when visiting a website? Of course, it’s a design. And the best place to start from when updating a website for a new season is to improve the visual elements. There’s no need to cross everything you’ve done and start designing a website from scratch. You can experiment with colours, themes, images, headings and even landing pages, whatever you want. Use Google Analytics, one of the best tracking tool, to follow the online performance, monitor your traffic and analyze the behavior of the visitors. Keep in mind that the first 5 seconds of being on your website determine the general attitude of the visitor and keep them on it. If your website is slow, bad-looking or just not resourceful, the visitor will leave or, what’s worse, never come back again.

Let users find whatever they need

It’s not a secret that the simpler a website is, the greater number of visitors will manage it. In this case, navigation is your saver. Provide users a search option, give them the ability to filter the posts by choosing tags, and use menu bar properly to divide your website specialisation on the section. Believe that the audience will like the fact you care. And how wired that sounds, the fewer clicks a user does, the more he likes your website!

Stay trendy

No matter what is the “true vocation” of your website (whether it’s a blog, a forum, an online newspaper, or just an encyclopedic-like source) it’s vital to maintain it up to date. Undoubtedly, this can be a tedious procedure at times, especially when the outdated version does not cause any mishaps (yet), but you know that an early bird catches the worm))) Show your visitors that you follow the latest web trends, and they will be eager to follow you in response.

Do not let users lose temper

Do you remember the last time you’ve opened your website as users do this? Was everything displayed correctly and loaded as fast as you wanted? This question is raised because waiting for a page to load is probably the most frustrating experience for any visitor. Slow website load is an interrupting and to some extend irritating practice for the user because many of them simply don’t have enough time to wait. Moreover, with the rise of mobile devices usage and people’s accessing content from all over the world website speed problem become even more crucial. Luckily there are a lot of plugins and extensions at your disposal which will make the website faster and prevent it from losing a single one user. Find your time to test the speed of the web project and put the improvements into action.

Give new breath to your website

In case you run your website on the content management system, another good option to refresh it might be to change its home. Actually, there does not exist good or bad CMS solution, but there are those which look more profound and advanced (like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc). Of course, moving a website to another CMS is not a spontaneous decision, but you can always resort to the automated service and run Free Demo migration to see how your website will look like on the new platform.

There are a lot of things that can be done to improve the website functionality. And, although, the above mentioned changes may seem minuscule, small changes, when applied to a large audience, can lead to significant results. Take these tips into consideration and give your guests a good reason to come back to your refreshed website again and again.

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