5 Typical Mistakes When Comparing Drupal Vs WordPress

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Every negative rumor about Drupal you knew, is just a rumor. If you want to create a website based on this platform – go for it! For this,  here you have real facts on how Drupal can be slightly usable and how you can create the strong basis for your website.


Mistake #1 Not so flexible?

“Wordpress is the most flexible platform!” – they say. Also, they say that: “There is no such a flexible platform as WP”. This is obviously wrong since Drupal has some important tricks to show, too. The platform’s modules (30,000+) allow you to use Drupal at full and modify your website in every possible way. Take for instance such popular modules, as Views, which allows you to create, manage, and display lists of content, or Media, which helps in managing multimedia files (audios, vids, and docs). And we can continue the list infinitely. By the way, Drupal was designed for managing the websites with the complex organization.

Mistake #2 Lack of security?

Then how do NBC, Time Warner, The White House and the Louvre run on this platform? That says a lot. If it’s an open source CMS it doesn’t mean that it’s too vulnerable. There is a large community of web-developers and security team, who are constantly working and improving your site’s security and float over you, like angels-guardians.

Mistake #3 Difficult?

It depends on how you want it to be. You can always learn something new and then it won’t be so difficult. Kids want to play. Adults want to make business. You surely want a great and highly usable website. Even if you would like to just test how the things are done here, don’t be afraid, it’s simple. Drupal has different ranges of website creation: from the simplest to the most complex. You can have your local or global business website run smoothly on Drupal.

Mistake #4 I don’t choose you, Slowpoke!

Who is Slowpoke, anyway? Whatever. Some users tend to say that Drupal is slow and bounds your moves. Of course, if you stuff even your WP website with every possible and impossible customization features, functions, and add-ons it’ll be slow too. Drupal can provide fine performance of your website. (Once again the giants, mentioned in Mistake #2 can confirm this).

Mistake #5 You must do everything yourself?

Support doesn’t think so. Don’t believe a word who say that Drupal has bad support. One more privilege of it’s being an open-source CMS, is that there are lots of good people who are ready to help you. There is a large global support community along with chat-rooms, discussions and call center, who are here for you. There are 1m+ users and developers who can help you clarify things.

In the end, Drupal is not so bad, right? And rumors when comparing Drupal vs WordPress are just rumors after all. There are a lot of productive and wise solutions for your website. If you know the basics of this platform then everything appears as easy as 123.

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