5 Things WordPress Can Do that Drupal Gardens Cannot [+Video]

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Do you remember the retro video game “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out”? It was that addictive little game you would spend hours wasting on before you realize that all you’re doing is fighting boxers who are five times bigger than you are only to get closer to Mike Tyson. What happens next? Mike knocks you out in about 3 seconds.

After dealing with Drupal Gardens, we would say this for the video game victims: prior to being knocked out, see what else you could spend your time on.

From the breadth of effort, floods of qualified (and unqualified) posted content, the price point (ranging from a few bucks a month to thousands up front) spent for Drupal Gardens and its hosting, many website owners are often scared to make the leap into a new CMS.

However, here’s the fact: on 1 August 2016, Acquia will stop supporting Drupal Gardens. Now, you most probably would think about which CMS would be best to move to?

From the perspective of our experience, we can claim that the most preferable alternative for you might be the switch from Drupal Gardens to WordPress. While the reasons for this statement are too numerous to discuss in depth, catch up 5 great things for which WordPress shines on and Drupal Gardens misses most.

#1 Create Your Theme in 40 Seconds. Yourself.

The Problem: you have a great website and want to add a blog or news section to increase your traffic and engage with your visitors, but there are no blog themes that match your site! Your blog looks like completely different to your main website, confusing visitors and making you look unprofessional.

Even if you have the skills to develop website themes yourself, Drupal Gardens does not provide you such a chance.

The solution: use Theme Matcher to instantly generate a WordPress blog theme that matches your existing design, pixel by pixel. Even your site features such as menus, login forms, and subscribe boxes will be kept intact! WordPress allows you to customize your website as you wish: be it the theme or a feature that you want to modify. Once an idea comes to your mind, you browse the WordPress Plugin Directory and find the plugin that was developed to do just the job. If there happens to be no such a plugin, you can always create your own. This equals flexibility because the functionality of your website scales as your needs grow.

#2 Clone Pinterest Theme to Your WordPress Website.

Want to clone a theme that gives you the same look and feel as well as the functionality of Pinterest? With the plugin of WordPress iPin Pro you can create your own Pinterest-style social network. Unlike most other alternatives in the field, this tool not only converts the look, but reproduces the same social functions.

Ipin Pro allows its users to:

– log in via Facebook or Twitter;

– create boards;

– like and repin other pins;

– upload their pins from the web or their computer;

– follow boards and other users.

An even more a pleasant bonus here is that there is a “Pin It” button for easy pinning up pictures, or videos. Each user has a settings page, user profile and options for email notification for likes, repins, follows comments etc.

#3 Run a Job Board Inside WordPress.

WordPress CMS can be used in even the strangest of ways, and we’ve done some of the hard work for finding one more aspect to surprise you. Whether you’re a web developer, entrepreneur, recruitment agency, or simply put, a blogger, you can use WordPress as a job board. Our favorite related tool is WPJobBoard. This soft is great for its lengthy list of features and a smart effect. Advanced search engine, customizable job applications, employer profile, a neat Apply From LinkedIn button, and job alerts are all in one WP place. What makes the impression even stronger, is its one-click installation which integrates with third-parties like PayPal.

Alternatives to test: Jobify, Jobera, WPJobus, JobEngine and Suburbs.

#4 From Mobile-Unfriendly to Best Friends with Cells.

We bet you started your day with mobile news when having breakfast. That’s what the visitors of your website like to do too. And just like you, they only enjoy visiting websites that look good on various devices.

In fact, mobile friendliness can not only leave a positive impression on the website users, but it can also help you win clients if you do e-Commerce.

WordPress offers mobile responsiveness as a default and provides tons of e-Commerce plugins that can help you build a robust web store. As to Drupal Gardens, it falls behind on both.

#5 Publish Content from WordPress to Facebook. Automatically.

Even with the sweetest design, the best content and the most vibrant blog community, it’s probably safe to claim that Facebook gets more traffic than your blog. It’s not your blog’s fault and it’s OK. With the over 500 million users that log onto Facebook across the globe, the competition with Facebook is doomed to fail.

Why to compete if the cooperation can bring you more? You can use Facebook’s massive popularity to help increase your own blog’s readership with the latest version of Sharepress.

Want to take advantage of Facebook’s audience but don’t want to spend extra time on posting and reposting the same content across multiple websites? Sharepress is made up to solve the issue.

Just focus on your cranking out more quality content for your blog, the plugin and WordPress will do the rest.

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