5 Signs You’re Losing Money and Need a Website Conversion

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Do you have a feeling that your website functionality doesn’t meet the requirements? Or is it currently not up to par, and you think there is no solution? Think again! Website conversion – this is what site owners are now using to stay ahead in the game. If your website functions are lower than others, it automatically pulls down your service. With over 1 billion websites in the world, it is easy for visitors to pick your competitors over you.


Content management systems vary in rankings when it comes to functionality. Two different CMS’ will not provide you the same level of performance, that is why you need to compare platforms before making a choice. Your current one might be producing average services that can’t help your site to grow bigger, but it’s doing its best. Waiting for an upgrade is a total waste of your valuable time. That is why making the website conversion is an excellent idea.

But how to know if your CMS is not serving you well? Actually, there are different service metrics out there which you could use. These metrics will inform you about the areas where your platform is failing, and this would help you to recognize when it’s time to say “bye” to your current CMS. But our article will help you easier and faster identify weak sides of your content management system!

If you happen to be experiencing any of the problems that are listed below, do not panic. aisite is an automated migration service that will help you to migrate your website from current CMS to a new one. The website conversion process with aisite is simple and straightforward.

How to know whether you should perform website conversion?

Below are five reasons to migrate your site today with aisite.


Your website taking too much time to load

If you faced this problem, then it is definitely time to move. The attention span of humans is at its lowest, which invariably means that patience is gradually fading. But how does this affect you? Nobody is ready to watch your website load for even 3 seconds with a good network. Once any of your webpages begins to take too much time to load, visitors immediately quit your site and go to your competitors’ page.

Statistics have shown that visitors expect your website to load in 2 seconds or less, anything more than that is too long. If you offer goods, then the goal is slimmer for you. Other statistics show that 30% of e-commerce visitors do not have the patience for a website to load in 2 seconds. Time is money, and they work with this principle.




You are experiencing downtime

Is your website going off the web? Have users complained about not being able to access your site in the past? This might be a result of downtime on your website. Even if your site is incredibly fast, once you begin to experience some downtime on it, you’re very likely to lose web visitors.

It would help in case web visitors trust your platform and know that they can rely on it whenever. But once the website starts dozing off at intervals, visitors begin to lose trust in your site, and gradually, they begin to find better options.

For the seconds/minutes/hours that your website is offline, you lose money.


Your website is getting larger

As your website grows, you would need a much bigger space to accommodate it. Your CMS might have provided the required space to contain your data in the past, but might be unable to handle with the new size. In this case, you need to start your website conversion immediately before it gets worse.


The price is higher than your budget

website conversion

You need to maximize profit. If current CMS is expensive, you may spend more money than make. There are a lot of platforms that will match your budget.


You are losing your data

Are you missing some parts of your website, or has the entire been compromised? If this is not your fault, then it is the fault of your CMS.


How to perform website conversion?

  1. Create a aisite account.
  2. Specify your website details.
  3. Set up Migration.
  4. Run a Free Demo Migration and check the results.
  5. Start Full Migration.


A website conversion will help you to avoid or fix all of these problems. This is really easy, and with aisite, it can be done in a few minutes!

Try a Free Demo Migration as soon as possible – look at the new approximate appearance and check out the new CMS’ functionality! Don’t hesitate anymore – use that chance!


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