5 Reasons For Breaking Up With Wix

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“Et ce fut… le coup de foudre.”

You have seen each other eventually while surfing the internet. Probably you were looking for an opportunity to expand beyond yourself and create a website you really wanted. Popular, attractive and appropriate, Wix came along and everything seemed so easy with it. Sounds like a happy ending story… or not?

Wix stole the hearts of many web-beginners because of its allurement and simplicity. This website builder allows creating the entire website using a drag-and-drop technique. Wix is a perfect CMS for those who don’t have any designing or coding skills but want to manage a blog in an effective manner. Everything fits together for a running start!

Sounds promising, but does everything work well in these ‘relationships’?

What Went Wrong? breaking up with wix

WiX users can notice some errors in their website performance but don’t know what is bugging them and what problems it follows. Let’s look closer at what you should be aware of.

1. Understanding How Assets Get Divided

When you build your website on Wix platform, only this CMS can host your site. It means, you don’t truly own your website and can’t choose among the other host provider which may come with the much better price, options, and opportunities for your business. Moreover, many users claim that some features including ranking and analytics are not functioning properly on WiX websites. Uncertain hosting ability, don’t you think? 

Notice: You can connect a WiX domain (site address – e.g. www.mywebsite.com) that you own after upgrading your site.

Be conscious – you might face difficulty by exporting content. That means it’s not that easy to pick up your outgrown website and move on. Luckily, aisite service can do all the heavy lifting for you.

2. The Appearance Point

WiX if famous for it’s ‘drag-and-drop’ system which makes the process of design creation easy and intuitive. But it has a weighty downside – it might make the website not responsive for mobile phones. That’s important – in 2018, 52.2 percent of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones according to Statista Portal. Still, the WiX Code comes in handy, if you know how JavaScript and API work.

There is more. “Currently, it is not possible to apply a different template to a WiX site that you already created”, that what the official website says. The only way you have – walk away from your website and start over brand new. And here you’re kind of… stuck again.

3. The Budget Cut

With the free plan, you have WiX branding on your website. You need to upgrade your plan if you don’t want the ads to be everywhere and prefer the domain name to be without a ‘wix’ part in it. It also relates if you want to track your stats with Google Analytics. The plans start at $7.5 and go up to $29 per month. Plus, additional functionality can be obtained for the extra cost in the WiX ‘app store’.

Besides that, if you want to change your current plan, you have to cancel your subscription and sign up for a new one. No matter how much you have already paid for it.

Breaking Up With Wix

4. Lack of Support

Support is an essential part of any relationship, even with your website builder. According to Trustpilot, the user experience shows that at this stage the level of support given by WiX is not really satisfying. The lack of live support is notable too.

5. SEO

WiX Seo Wiz is definitely a stride towards SEO improvement. Now you can change the page title, attributes and do a lot more. Keep in mind that free plan doesn’t have an option of a custom domain and this makes it extra hard to rank in search engines. Images are named automatically when you upload them, so this can also be a drawback if you use them a lot at your website.

Still, since WiX is a WYSIWYG web builder, there is a lot of code hidden in the background. That said, more coding equals the chance for your keywords to get lost during the Googlebot crawling process.


The reasons for breaking up are not always obvious but they can affect the following growth of your website. WiX can be a good option for small websites. Still, if you’re looking for more robust alternatives to satisfy all your preferences, look for more powerful platforms.


Want to see, how the migration process from WiX to another CMS works? Read this article or check out the video below!



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