5 Nice-To-Know WordPress Features You Didn’t Know About


Despite the fact that WordPress comes packed with thousands of amazing plugins which allow a website grow and scale as required – don’t hurry up to be totally plugin-focused. You may overlook some of the handy features that come as standard with WordPress. In fact, there are many nice-to-know WordPress features hidden within the dashboard and waiting to be found. These options are underutilized mainly because lots of WordPress users simply don’t know about their existence. Today we are going to cover 5 WordPress options that allow to squeeze additional functionality out of the platform. Interested yet? Let’s get started:

post scheduling

1. Post Scheduling

WordPress allows to set a date and time to individual posts so that they may be published automatically in a given time. To reflect this, let’s take an Australian blogger who has large US audience – this option gives him a possibility to schedule his post 14 hours late so that it matches his audience time zone.

post locked

2. Post Visibility

In case you wish to display your posts or articles only to limited amount of readers (e.g. registered members or to users who has the password access) – WordPress Post Visibility feature can be of use. There are three types of visibility options for user to choose from: public post, password protected post, private post.

page break

3. Page Break

Sometimes there is a necessity to split a long post into multiple short pages to make it comfortable for readers to cope with an article. Page Break option allows to end one page and send readers to another page for the rest of your article content.

sticky posts

4. Sticky Posts

If you have several posts or articles more popular than others (especially if they boost a traffic to your website) – you might want to take a full advantage of the Sticky Posts feature provided by WordPress. The option allows to stick posts so that they are clearly visible regardless the page of a website.

read more

5. More Tag

You might have already seen lots of blogs coming with an excerpt to each post on the homepage, with a Continue Reading or Read More link. A More Tag allows to cut off a post and take readers to a page with a rest of a post. This is handy for blog pages with multiple posts, where you don’t want each post to be displayed at full length.

Final Words:

The moral of the article is as follows: WordPress indeed has a plethora of built-in  features and functionality under the hood. And quite often what we think we need a plugin for – is already handled easily by WordPress itself. The above-mentioned features are great examples, and everyone who uses WordPress should know and utilize them. Wish to make your website running much easier with WordPress? Have a go with aisite service to make a switch from your current CMS to WordPress as seamless and trouble-free as possible. Try Free Demo migration to see the website conversion process in action.

P.S. What other little-known WordPress options do you frequently use and think everyone else should know but might not? We are opened to any suggestions in the Comments section below.

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