5 Killer Features of Joomla K2


The worldwide popularity of Joomla! CMS is not a secret. A lot of people create their websites and blogs using this platform, and they have already estimated all of its effective opportunities. It is considered that Joomla! platform exemplifies the user friendly interface and a great variety of functions that make the process of website creation the exciting one.

Moreover, it is important to say that this CMS is being improved and renewed every time. For instance, one of the most innovative additions to this platform is Joomla! K2 extension. This module possesses all the functions for uncomplicated content management.

If you are still not sure whether to work Joomla or K2 Joomla! , below there is a row of arguments to break your conservative views on the additional improvements. Analyze all these points and make the final decision in favour of the better website development!

1. Ease of Use

K2 component embraces the adaptable functions both for a simple blog runner and a complicated website owners. The process of content enrichment is very straightforward and effortless. You don’t have to be an experienced user at all. Everything is made with a few clicks and step-by-step instructions following.

2. Rich Content Editing

Widen your blogs with the different media files such as images or videos, but these won’t be a limit! You will have a great opportunity to add new attachments, podcasts and audio files. The editing functions do not bound your imagination of the content advancement.

3. Content Organisation

The categories and sections are not the restrictions any more. You may set your data into groups and make the hierarchy of the subcategories. The organisation of the website is totally your decision.

4. Comment Protection

Your comment space will be absolutely protected from spam and the reCaptcha typing will be an alternative solution for this purpose.

5. Image Management

With K2 extension there is no need to use external resizing tools! You may do this automatically with the 6 configurable dimensions. This hassle-free image management will greatly simplify all the process of the website running.

According to the arguments above, we may undoubtedly say that the person who runs a website at Joomla! K2 extension does not lose but wins.

So, if you are already running a website, but want to make the obvious progress, import your data to Joomla K2. aisite online service conducts the K2 Joomla migration at the lightning speed with no losses. Just start your Free Dempo Migration and all of your website content will be moved to  K2 Joomla in a few easy steps.

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