4 Reasons Why Static HTML Site Empties Your Wallet

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There are lots of reasons why to have an online presence, especially if you are dealing with commerce. In nowadays world a business without a website or at least email address will lose lots of benefits. For instance, your site works for you 24/7 and may bring you profit while you sleep. Plus, lots of potential customers can find your product or service on the Internet. Moreover, your web project can increase the geographic range of your business. In other words, your product becomes available not only for the customers within your area, but literally worldwide.

So, these are the profits you get for your business with a web project. But when it comes to the website itself, there are lots of shades you should pay attention to. For example, there are many means for the site creation, using HTML web-programming language and building a site on CMS are the most popular. So, let’s analyse which way to choose and decide which one will suit your needs perfectly and bring you the profit.

1. Dynamic SEO Friendliness vs Static Unfriendliness

First of all you should focus all your attention on the SEO of your website. It has to be SEO-friendly in order to take top positions in search engine results. Google, for example, loves the websites where the new content is constantly appeared. Following this desire, CMS platforms have a built-in in pinger which automatically informs Google when the fresh data is added. Due to this fact, the search engine sends its spiders to your site to index your content.

HTML vs CMS Static HTML sites are not provided with such opportunity and that is why the only way out is waiting for the spiders to come back and this can be really time-consuming procedure. So, with HTML website you can lose your potential traffic and as the result, you don’t earn the profit you can make with CMS.

2. Content Updating

The next issue which should be mentioned is that HTML websites are considered to be hard-to-update. Every time you add the content to your static site, you will have to create new pages and link them all. Moreover, you’ll have to do this manually by typing a code line. CMS platforms, in contrast, are easily customisable and this fact can save your time and efforts.

3. Learning Curve

HTML websites require deep coding skills, when sites built on CMS provide you with plugins/extensions/modules which make it easier to manage a web project. Moreover, with these means you may increase the functionality of your site within a few mouse clicks. So, why spend lots of time on codes learning when this period can be used with more profit.

4. Interactivity of Your Website

With CMS platforms user have the possibility to syndicate their content to a large number of social media sites with RSS feed. In other words, you have the opportunity to integrate social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, etc into your site within a few mouse clicks of plugin activation. As the result, people will share your content, buy your products or use your service, subscribe to your website or contact you. Static web projects don’t have such luxury, they require a manual submittal when this labor can be automated with CMS.HTML Migration

Convert HTML to CMS

What if you have already started an HTML website? What if it doesn’t bring you enough profit and you are not satisfied with your current static web page any more? There is no need to create a new site on CMS platform from scratch when it is possible to convert the content of the existing static web project. There are lots of content management systems available for you. With aisite migration service you can easily convert your HTML website to WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and others CMSs. This tool will make the process of HTML migration automated, accurate and fast.

Summing Up

Now you are provided with all the necessary information on how to save your time and money while running a website. Furthermore, you know which type of site development to choose in order to earn the profit. So, make your choice and convert your visitors into customers with CMS.

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