18 Essential Tools For Creating Compelling WordPress Content

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WordPress is renowned for being one of the best blogging platforms in the world, hosting over 80 million websites which equates to around 30% of the entire public internet. However, with so many sites available, it’s hard to make your content stand out.

Though, to address this issue, there is also a vast number of tools and applications you can use to enhance your content and take it to the next level. Whether you’re editing your media, text content, its format, or even the accuracy, without tools such as these, your potential traffic is only going to take the business elsewhere.

To get you started, today we’re going to explore 18 of these tools, all designed to help you create superior content and assist in the success of your WordPress website.

#1 – Listly


List article, or listicles, are by far on the most popular and most shareable content posts on the internet and you see them everywhere. However, using this tool allows you to create your own high-quality listicles effortlessly, a sure-fire way to boost your traffic and follower counts.

#2 – Editorial Calendar


Perhaps one of the most popular content tools on the entire WordPress network, this is a tool that allows you to plan and manage your content posts easily, making them ideal. Posts remain consistent and stay one step ahead in the general content strategy.

#3 – Infogram


When it comes to online content, it’s all about your visuals. This way you can help your readers stay engaged with your content and communicate your message clearly. This free WordPress plugin helps to create stunning infographics and graphs for this exact purpose.

#4 – Easy Word Count


Your readers are looking for something easily digestible, something that they can quickly absorb. If your post is too long, readers are going to get bored, and they’ll click off your website before you can drag their attention. Use this free online tool to track your word count to ensure you keep things short and sweet.

#5 – Search Everything


Let’s be honest, the built-in WordPress search feature is not the best and it could be stopping your website viewers from accessing your very best content. With this free WordPress plugin, you can improve the search features of your site, allowing users to find exactly what they are looking for.

#6 – NextGen Gallery


As we’ve already mentioned above, visuals are highly important when it comes to your content, so why not take things to the next level with this responsive, high-quality gallery plugin that allows you to create beautiful pictures that will have your readers hooked.

#7 – Australian Help


When you’ve finished writing some content, it’s vital that you check it through to make sure that you’re sending the right message across.

After all, in addition to your sentences having a nice and readable flow, it’s essential you’re checking whether your content is not offensive or hurtful to any of your readers. You can accomplish this by using this professional tool.

#8 – WP Edit


When it comes to actually writing the content for your WordPress website, this nifty little plugin can give you full control over the visual editor, allowing you to format and structure the posts, so the message comes across to your devoted readers.

#9 – Ox Essays


The accuracy of your content is paramount when it comes to providing your website or blog viewers with high-quality posts. If there are any mistakes in your articles, your readers are going to doubt the credibility of your content and head off elsewhere. With this proofreading tool, you can have your content checked by a professional, ensuring that it’s 100% accurate.

#10 – Live Composer


“When it comes to creating the pages for your website, nothing comes close to the power of this visual page builder. With the renowned live drag-and-drop feature, you can easily edit, tweak and perfect the visual appearance of your website so it looks exactly how you want it” says Nick Taylor, a website designer for Big Assignments.

#11 – Word Stats


With the Word Stats plugin, you’ll be able to have complete management over the text of your content. Built-in word counters, keyword counters,and a leading readability analyzer give you all the information you need to make sure your content is ready for the readers and meet the current SEO requirements.

#12 – Academized


Plagiarized content is a big problem on the internet. Sometimes a copy of your text appears somewhere else, whether you’ve copied it, or someone has copied it from you. And this can be devastating to your SEO ranking. Use this online service to check your content for plagiarism to ensure it’s original.

#13 – PrePost SEO


SEO is such an important part of content writing. Even if you’re writing incredible content, if no one is reading it, you’re not going to get noticed. With this in mind, this handy plugin can help you analyze the SEO ranking for your posts, offering tips for improvement, so it can be the best.

#14 – Cite It In


If you’re quoting people in your content, adding references or inserting citations, it can create a classic formatting problem for many blogs. That’s because they can look messy and confusing, especially if there’s a lot of information. However, you can use this free online tool to add them in a professional format.

#15 – Broken Link Checker


Not directly related to creating your content, this is an awesome plugin which will check through your blog content, and in fact, your entire WordPress website, to find any broken links that you may have. Of course, backlinks and internal links are vital for making sure that your readers find more relevant content that keeps them on your website. This handy little plugin also looks for any image files or links that might be missing, guaranteeing the best experience for your readers.

#16 – Via Writing


Grammar is such an important part of your content. With poor grammar, it becomes unreadable, and you won’t be giving your readers the best experience possible. Use the articles and blog posts on this site as a grammar guide to ensure perfect grammar in every piece. This will improve your readability and ensure your content is the highest quality possible.

#17 – Grammarix


Similar to the tool above, this is a free online grammar checking tool that can help you to make your grammar perfect for all your content. Simply copy and paste the text into the text box for instant results. This web application will also show you ways to improve your grammar, as well as tips so you can get it right the first time.

#18 – CoSchedule Headline Analyzer


According to statistics, only 20% of the people who see your headlines are going to click on them. That means that incredible 80% of people, wondering on your website or seeing it on your social media pages will simply keep on scrolling.

This just goes to show the importance of a captivating headline. With this free online tool, you can sign up to input your headlines, receiving a score out of 100, as well as a tonne of information on how to improve it for the maximum click-through rate.


As you can see, there is a plugin out there to suit any task you’ll find during your content creation process. By implementing a full range of these plugins and using the tools described, you can guarantee that the readers will have the best experience while visiting your WordPress website. Also, you’ll make sure that you’re giving the web project the maximum number of opportunities to become successful.

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