13 reasons why WordPress should be your first choice CMS

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If you ever decide to launch a website, WordPress will probably be your content management system (CMS). Although there are hundreds of other platforms available online, WordPress remains by far the most popular choice among webmasters because of its unparalleled set of features.

According to the report, over 35% of all websites on the Internet are currently running on this CMS. In other words, more than 500 million websites are WordPress-powered in 2020. In case your website was created on another CMS platform and now you want to migrate it to WordPress – Start Free demo migration using aisite and check the result!

Now, a lot of you will be asking a simple question: What makes WordPress such an incredibly useful platform? Our goal is to help you figure it out, so keep reading to learn 13 reasons why WordPress should be your first choice CMS.


1. WordPress is easy to use

The first and the most important advantage of using WordPress is obvious – this CMS is easy to figure out and use. The platform takes only a few minutes to set up, while you can count on a simple guide to take you through the process effortlessly. Even beginner-level webmasters find it easy to manage launch and control WordPress, which is exactly what makes it so special and unique. 


2. Learning about WordPress is easy

This benefit goes hand in hand with the previous one. Namely, learning about WordPress is very simple as you can find lots of studying resources online. The Internet is packed with quality blog posts, case studies, eBooks, and other WordPress-related materials. At the same time, the platform gathers a large community of dedicated professionals who are eager to help their peers learn about WordPress.


3. Cost-efficiency

Another great thing about WordPress is the fact that you can use it free of charge. This is a huge advantage compared to other CMS because a lot of individuals and organizations are not ready to invest in website creation instantly. There are, however, many side effects of using WordPress free of charge, so we encourage you to think about investing in a more powerful version of the platform. 


4. Blogging is built-in

WordPress has been designed primarily for bloggers willing to share their ideas with online communities. In such circumstances, it’s not surprising to learn that blogging is built-in and available on every WordPress website. You can use the feature to publish new articles, manage author, add multimedia, and take a wide range of other actions to enrich your blog pages. 


5. Effortless content management

Another reason why bloggers love WordPress is effortless content management. First of all, the platform’s writing blocks make it easy to add new elements to the post. Secondly, WordPress comes with a distraction-free feature that prevents possible disturbances and helps authors concentrate on their work. There are many other functions such as drag-and-drop, automatic saves, previews, and so on. 


6. WordPress is perfect for eCommerce

Blogging is not the only thing you can do with WordPress. On the contrary, the system can power all other types of activities, including eCommerce. Online retailers love this CMS because it offers a number of practical plugins such as WooCommerce. These tools make it easy to launch eCommerce stores, create product pages, design shopping carts, and do all those little things that make a solid online business.


7. Unprecedented flexibility

WordPress could not become the largest CMS in the world without unprecedented flexibility. Every website on this platform can be tailored and rearranged in a way that suits the needs and peculiarities of a given webmaster. You can control everything from design to functionalities. This type of flexibility is mind-boggling, particularly if you know that the majority of features can be used free of charge. 


8. WordPress offers you thousands of free themes

A theme is what makes a WordPress website look the way it does. It’s a template that determines the design of any website, so it’s good to know that WordPress offers you thousands of free themes. That way, you can choose the best design for your site and even tailor it so as to suit the branding guide of your company. 


9. WordPress offers you thousands of free plugins

WordPress currently offers more than 55 thousand plugins, most of which are free. Plugins add new functions to the website to make it better and more efficient. For example, you can use a special plugin to improve security, search engine optimization, visitor engagement, and many more. 


10. WordPress is extremely efficient

With everything we’ve seen so far, it’s easy to conclude that WordPress makes an extremely efficient CMS. Here’s what makes it so productive:

  • Speed: If you don’t overload it with unnecessary features, WordPress will be very fast. 
  • Scalability: The platform works well with one-person teams and enterprise-level organizations. 
  • Upgrades: WordPress keeps improving through regular upgrades.


11. WordPress is SEO-friendly

Ranking highly in Google searches is the ultimate purpose of your website, which is why it’s good to know that WordPress is SEO-friendly. It enables simple content optimization, while the navigation is always easy and hassle-free. Besides that, WordPress represents a mobile-responsive system that is compatible with all of the major browsers. You can also use the platform to customize webpage links and create search engine-friendly URLs. 


12. The system takes care of security

Another important detail that makes WordPress so attractive is the issue of security. Namely, the system takes care of safety features to protect users and prevent malicious attacks. If you conduct regular updates, rest assured the website will be protected. But if you want additional protection, you can install a security plugin to solidify the safety mechanism. 


13. Social media integrations

The world would be boring without social media in 2020, which is why you should integrate the website with Facebook and other popular platforms. WordPress allows you to do it quickly by installing a social media sharing plugin. That way, your visitors can share the posts they like on their social media accounts and spread the word about your content online.


The Bottom Line

WordPress is not the only CMS on the market, but it certainly is the most popular among website administrators. In this post, we showed you 13 reasons why WordPress should be your first choice content management solution.

Do you agree with our statements? Do you know other benefits of using WordPress? Share your thoughts in the comments – perhaps we could give you additional tips about the world of WordPress! 

And in case your website on another CMS platform doesn’t meet your needs anymore – migrate it to WordPress – Start Free demo migration using aisite and check the result!

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