10 Tweaks to Revitalize Your Blog

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If you’ve created a blog and see that something is not working in the presupposed way, that’s not a reason to give up. You’re still holding an amazing instrument with a whole range of immense possibilities to make your website and its content look seducing. And that’s all in your hands – (you’ve guessed it right) WordPress. Let’s see 10 two-minute tweaks that tame your site to the one you only could imagine.

1. Make Title More Compelling

We have no doubts that you’re great at writing good, attention-grabbing titles. So, take your sweetly gathered dusty posts from the archives and give them stunning, worthy names.

As a matter of fact, most readers evaluate your posts by the name. A few small twists like writing an adjective, number or even paraphrasing the name to make it clearer could hugely boost your traffic.

compelling_titleHere’s an example:

  • Old title: Using Facebook Productively
  • New title: Seven Clever Facebook Tricks to Save Your Time

While they describe the same post – it’s needless to say which of the headlines is going to get more attention.

2. Link to Another Post

One more proven way to attract your users is to give them a whole range of opportunities to check out some other related content.

There are definately posts in your archives that hardly anyone could see. It takes two minutes to fix this! Just find an appropriate place to link them to the existing post.

Whether you’ve gone into a topic in much more depth, or vise versa, you’ve wrote about something for the first time, either way, point your readers to your best posts (add a featured link).

Remember to always point the readers to your best posts, no matter whether you’ve gone into a topic in more depth or just wrote about something for the first time.

3. Update your About Pageupdate_page

When was the last time that you updated your About page? Let’s think otherwise. Did you? No worries, if like most bloggers, you haven’t touched it since the creation date (and that might have been years ago), take a glimpse right now. Is there anything out of date? Look out for:

  • biographical details, new updates, press, and mentions, etc.,
  • information about your services and products,
  • links to your best posts.

4. Add Photo of Yourself

  • Photos can be a great connection rope between you and your readers as it shows them the person behind the words. If you’ve got a good recent shot (it doesn’t have to be a professional one) – add it to your About page.
  • Use photos in the header, or in the sidebar, add images to the older posts. It’s the simplest way that helps to change a page and makes the readers want to read your content.

5. Remove Widget from the Sidebar

  • 80% of blog sidebars are hopelessly cluttered. Therefore, in the middle of all this clutter, an average reader finds it difficult to catch the option he is looking for (subscribing to the blog/ following you on Twitter).
  • What you can do is take a look at your sidebar and find the widget that you could do without and… remove it.

6. Deal With Any Commentsdeal_with_comments

  • Remember always to check for your comments. It’s pretty simple to get rid of those requiring a quick reply or any spam in your inbox letters.
  • Unanswered questions and obvious spam comments don’t create a great impression for readers.
  • They make it look like you don’t care about your blog, or you’re an absent blogger.

7. Add More Information on Your Contact Page

  • Some writers put a contact form on their contact page and nothing else. It’s not a catastrophe, sure. Though it creates some borders for readers who may want to contact you in other ways.
  • Depending on your occupation, you may not want or even need to mention phone number or address on the contact page. Though it’s a good idea to add email, links to your social media profiles, information about your preferred contact method.

8. Add “As Featured In”add_featured_in

  • Make sure your audience know whether you’ve been blogging for a while, you have guests posts on other blogs, or you’ve been interviewed in a blog or a podcast (especially if they’re well-known).
  • You should use your header or your sidebar for this. That way, every reader on your site can immediately see that you’re an expert on your topic.

9. Fix Typos

  • Typos occur with every blogger. But they create a poor impression. If you want to look professional in your sphere, get rid of the spelling mistakes on your posts and pages.
  • Read attentively through your blog articles starting with the ones that get a lot of traffic. Do you see typo? Fix it.
  • If you’re sure your work is typo-free, pay attention on sentences that you can improve or images and videos that you can add.

10. Add Call to Action

  • When you get to the end of the blog post, it’s easy just to stop… but that’s a huge wasted opportunity. Involve a “call to action” (a prompt to your reader to do something) instead.
  • You might want them to leave a comment, share your post on social media, comment on your post on social media, take action in their business or life, read a related post on your blog, check out one of your product or services that’s related to the post, or any other action that would benefit you (and hopefully your readers).

Final Tipfinal_tip

Each of these tweaks takes just two minutes – but these are the essentials which make any WordPress work much more pleasant, while boosting you to reap huge benefits. In case you’re still wondering how to simplify migration to WP, entrust this job to aisite service, and have your content transferred safe and sound. Register an account and make your new WordPress site happen right now!

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