10 Smashing Things in the World of WordPress Stats [Infographic]

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War is hell. And, more often than not, to gain the leading place in the world of CMS might take a lot of sweat, too. Which is why, sometimes you need to think of an online presence as a battlefield and ready yourself for a competition. First, know your opponents, stats of which quite rarely appears in many varieties and hardly ever makes the figures obvious for everyone to see. The reason for this fact is that decent mesmerizing points are hardly to be found amidst WP analogues systems. Know why? Because WordPress is being strikingly the best.

For alternative platforms to get to know and notice and for WP users to make sure, we’re attaching in this post an infographic which digits are more compelled to smash than words. It’s time for tea, gentlemen, the war is to be over.

Cut down on careless talk, just glimpse it through below.

10 Surprising WordPress Statistics

Sometimes it’s worth hesitating less and win up more. Tough pill to swallow, but only after a try you are to know for sure. Test out your operating content on WP CMS for free and either settle down or lose nothing and go on your current way.

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