10 Reasons Why TYPO3 CMS is a Good Desicion

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Have you ever heard: “change your website CMS, and you will change your fortune”? In terms of your web project improvement, to manage site successfully, almost 80% depends on CMS platform, you run the website on. So there are reasons to think whether you should use another CMS in case you’d like to see better conversion. TYPO3 CMS is an Open Source Enterprise Content Management System with a large global community, backed by the approximately 900 members of the TYPO3 Association. This CMS platform traced back to 1998 and became a brand after its 3rd version release. But now, a variety of versions was expanded to TYPO3 10.1.0. and it is easy to use because of its interface.

You can edit your website without knowing HTML or CSS programming. Why TYPO3 has been around for a long time? Because this CMS is flexible and free. It’s powerful and has great potential to fill the gaps where many products have holes. TYPO3 works well for quick publishing of digital content across a vast array of mediums because it offers so much flexibility. It works for support, marketing, and internal projects as well. In a world where goods are coming and going, and the trends change, it is nice to know that some products are around forever.

To clear up a situation, you should realize that this CMS is more developer-oriented than user-friendly. Anyway, there are TYPO3 benefits and drawbacks. Let’s unscramble them correctly. We are going to start from the privileges of using this instrument. So here are ten reasons why TYPO3 CMS is good enough for you:

1. Safetysafety

TYPO3 arms you with strong security features, compliance tooling, and regular updates for best-in-class website security to protect your brand reputation. The verification system is always up-to-date.

2. Grandiosity and stability

One of the large systems that can handle thousands of articles, videos, and other content. TYPO3 v10 LTS will be supported for 3 years until April 2023 by the TYPO3 community (1.5 years full maintenance, 1.5 years of security support). And another 3 years with the ELTS program until April 2026 provided by TYPO3 GmbH.

3. Ready-Made and Hand-Made Extensions

There is a possibility to easily implement the additional functionality by activating various extensions. You may find them at the TYPO3 extensions repository and install them via your admin dashboard. Otherwise, you may create an application for both backend and frontend optimization. However, it’s highly recommended to get acquainted with the TYPO3 API documentation as far as this CMS has some specific peculiarities of its core.

4. TypoScript

TypoScript can be used in the TSconfig field of a backend user or a backend user group or in the TSconfig field of a page. It will then change the look and behavior of forms in the backend. The frontend rendering, in contrast, is defined by the TypoScript used in TypoScript templates. This document covers only frontend rendering.

5. Availability for many modules

Blogs, e-Shop, e-Commerce, online purchases, AJAX (drag and drop), SEO optimization, statistics, discussions, chat, newsletters, registrations of potential customers, photo galleries, video presentations, forms, and many more.

6. Permission Rights and Levels

TYPO3 allows you to set up various permission levels for backend users. Also, this content management system allows you to manage multiple websites within one installation and share users, extensions, and content between them.

7. Connectivityconnectivity

There is a possibility to integrate with any system with all sorts of platforms – ERP systems or modules, reservation systems, analytical software, accounting, and many others.

8. Granular Content Management

One more TYPO3 bright side is the ability to create multiple and independent types of content on every page separately. For instance, you may create regular text, forms, file links, multimedia, etc.

9. Flexibility

All in all, the top reason why website owners love this CMS is the endless flexibility that lets the developers opportunity to create advanced and professional solutions for their website optimization. This system is always opened for new functions and possibilities.

10. No license cost

TYPO3 is open source software under the GNU General Public License. It means that we supply the software to you free of charge and legal obligations. It has always been this way, it is this way, and it will stay this way.


Also, there are many technical advantages of TYPO3 CMS:

  • utilization of SEO URL addresses
  • flexible open source based on PHP and MySQL
  • separation of content and layout, valid XHTML/CSS code
  • extension framework used to extend the website (Extension Manager)
  • extensions repository that contains many extensions from the community
  • advanced possibilities of caching and options for manual refresh and static page generation
  • simple site structure that allows you to categorize the website into pages and folders
  • WYSIWYG editing (Rich Text Editor)
  • image editing that is using tools for resizing, cropping, and more
  • AJAX drag & drop editing
  • built-in search tools
  • frontend editing
  • permissions of every user or user group
  • TYPO3 can be connected with e-commerce software called Magento


Precaution: TYPO3 Weaknesses

There are some delicate gradations when TYPO3 CMS is not the optimal option. Here are a few disadvantages:

  • You shouldn’t use this CMS in case you are a beginner. Because TYPO3 is not easy to install and set up. It takes time to learn to use it, and it definitely takes more time than you would need for WordPress or Joomla!.
  • Server resources and efficiency. Modularity and expendability often mean bigger demands on server parameters. This certainly is the case. Still, if the website is not too large and there will not be thousands of visitors, there should be no problems, at least not in the beginning.
  • There is no possibility for your site visitors to create content.
  • You can use this only if you have more than 20 pages.

TYPO3 can create value instantly, letting you deliver features that represent significant challenges in other systems. It is existing to keep your marketing department happy and deliver large high-performance multisite installations, with great SEO, authoring, translation, and editorial workflows. Management can rest assured that TYPO3 helps you on the compliance front with regular releases, robust permissions and security hardening, GDPR tooling, and up-to-date components.

The CMS is built on current, industry-standard open source components like PHP 7 and Symfony, and follows the PHP-FIG PSR standards.

So, in conclusion, TYPO3 is an advanced solution for various sites creation, whether it’s an extended website or even enterprise. Thus, if you think you may knock down all the TYPO3 organization shades, you are welcome to join its community with aisite. It takes around 15 minutes to import all of your important information. You can try demo migration for FREE! All you need is to register an account or log in.

Happy migrating! 😉

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