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Data Migration

This is our baseline service. It can be characterised as a ‘drive-through’ service where our system allows you to obtain all the data from your old website that you will need to make your migration faster and easier. If you are Developer level, then you will find our Data Extraction Package will save you heaps of time on your next project. This option suits users who are going down the DIY path. For an estimate on this package click here. You can always start here and scale up if you choose.

Data Infusion

Of course a full website migration can contain more than meets the eye. One needs to be careful when examining the claims of web scraping services, even ours.   What you need for your successful migration depends on your skill level and the target system. If you are lower in the Dev level and more on the Business or Marketing or Revenue generation side of your business this option will make lighter work. This option suits small businesses wanting their old website data extracted and that data inserted, formatted, all linked up and ready to go. Like handing over a new car.


Take the first two packages and add a shiny fresh new design. You can even choose the template yourself, or we can make recommendations. This package will have you set up and ready to go, and keep going… This package is the Full Service. Migration, infusion, configuration, theme choice and tuning, SEO setup, Analytics, everything working smoothly across all modern browsers and devices. Under this package, you get to PREVIEW your site pre-payment! You will not find that anywhere else.


Need help! Started a migration that has gone awry ?! We are happy to consider creating a package for you in this situation. Perhaps you had a site and now it’s no longer there. We will find it. There can be many choke points and pain points in complex migrations. We can’t always rescue a site, but if we cannot, we will not pretend we can. Share the details of your situation and we will be happy to take a look and see what can be done. We love a good challenge.
Our mission is to help small businesses move their website to Web Builder Platform they choose, easily. Our view is that if you could import all of your existing content, images, and relevant data, and do it effectively from the start, you can get to the good stuff much faster.

Spend less money on development and migration, meetings, money and effort on adding new features, learning them, marketing and spending that money and time on actual business building, instead of website building, or an agency. was built to free small businesses from the cost, complexity, disempowerment and frustration of upgrading and managing their mission critical asset - their website.

aisite will help you get all of your existing website data INTO these platforms easily. – Will do the same but add much more depending on the system, suggestions in language and layout, classification and arrangement, seo and other content suggestions. Aisite adds the more experimental but highly useful AI layer.

Our favorite platforms right now, which we like for different reasons each, are…. But there are a few more that do deserve a favourable mention.

Use Cases


Our Solution

Specific Features

AI Enhanced Package Features

Content Images

 Proprietary AI Methods

 AI / ML Enhanced Data Extraction

Data Migration

Data Storage Management

Content Data Transformation

Linked Resource Identification

Forms Identification

Metadata Extraction

Predictive Language – NLP

Secure Data Storage

Website Data Extraction

Website Asset auditing

SEO Extraction

Colour detection

Font Detection

Speed of package delivery

Proxy Management

Page name suggestions – AI

List identification – AI

Video identification

Image extraction

Document extraction (hosted on the target site)

Header/footer identification


Logo identification

Digital Agency Experience

“I want a better website design but I want it done quickly and cheaply, I want to own it and be in control of it.” OR, “I have a website through GoDaddy or Wix or Whoever and I don’t like it, or I do, but I can’t work with it easily or get the features my small business needs …..”

Having been in this industry a long time here is what we observed…


We have a website – we want the design upgraded. We don’t want to use internal staff, don’t want to hire staff, don’t want to outsource to someone who is here one month gone the next, we don’t want to spend a lot of money, we don’t want to waste heaps of time in briefings and changes and focus groups and wips etc.


We want it to look modern, be manageable, and we want it fast. And we want this process to contain less friction, one which can be repeated as often as needed when the internet changes. We want agility, ownership and control, all at a reasonable cost.


Notes: A business website is a key digital asset for a business. Now it is one of a variety of channels used of course. The complexity involved in getting a good one now outweighs its value. Every web studio wants each project to be a work of art, something no one has seen before. This fantasy is long gone commercially and users have come to expect sites to deliver information in an easy and comfortable way, not in a way they have to learn.