Is there something you think we should know about ??!!

Found something of interest you think we would like to be aware of?

We are interested in rewarding the identification of relevant issues which relate to our business, and we will reward such disclosures fairly. We will evaluate submissions based on priority and severity, major and minor.

Aside from reporting bugs we invite the submission of intelligence. We are even receptive to innuendo and market gossip. Feel free to disclose the nature of your intel and let’s discuss it. Opportunity abounds. Perhaps you have found a technical error, perhaps you have heard something in the market. Maybe you are looking for a new start, to incubate an idea, who knows, the point is, we are open, we are good listeners and we are generous when the situation warrants it.
Maybe your friends are more valuable than you think? In addition to the above we are always receptive to warm introductions. Referrals, warm leads, call them what you will. Why beat around the bush – friends, colleagues and associates are often a great lead into fruitful business, opportunity and wonderful outcomes. Trust is a huge factor in all business, and our business has been built around it.
So don’t be shy.
Further to that we are also on the lookout for awesome talent in our space, and always prefer to see someone we know, trust and love get a reward above a recruiter!
Know someone we should talk to, or who may wish to talk to us. Reach out. Know anyone with present Data Extraction needs?
You will be fairly rewarded.